13 Amazing ads for IKEA to show that they are the kings of the advertisements

We all know the company IKEA for their furniture easy to assemble and its affordable accessories for our home. But this giant swede would not have become the global leader in the industry without having developed a marketing plan in a comprehensive way, with brilliant ad campaigns. Just take a look at the announcement of Valentine’s day!

In Great.guru we have assembled 11 excellent commercials for IKEA, no doubt, are worth noting. In addition, prove that the marketing specialists of this company are few real geniuses.

11. Love is complicated

“1. Love is complicated.
2. IKEA is simple.”

10. Celebration of Valentine’s day

“Free to babies born in 9 months from today.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, IKEA is offering parents a free cot if your baby is born the 14 of November, 2013. (Limit one cot per baby. You must provide proof of birth. This coupon must be presented to make a valid offer. Delivery is not included).

Happy Valentine’s day! (see you in 9 months).”

In 2013, IKEA Australia made a special offer for parents who conceived their children on the Day of St. Valentine. How you can save a coupon for 9 months? I register a point!

9. Pregnancy test in a magazine

“I urinate in this ad can change your life!
This advertising is also a pregnancy test. Do pee in the marked area and wait a moment. If you’re expecting a baby, you’ll get a surprise here in the page.”

IKEA is, without a doubt, knows how to encourage people to increase the population. Its latest advertising campaign in Sweden offered them to the women to take a pee, literally, in a page of the magazine Amelia to find out if they were pregnant. Does anyone really have done this?

8. The most useful book in the world

“From the office in Toronto, a way of ensuring that people never lose the IKEA catalog: The metro — catalogue”.

If you think that the catalogs are not a fun read, then you have not seen the IKEA. In one of its magazines, the company included a “tape measure built-in”, which contributed to a campaign highly successful, which achieved an increase of 13.5% in comparison with the previous year in the sales of the store (almost 11% more than the sales target planned). Simple and ingenious.

7. Catalog — tablet BookBook (so called). Get the latest in technology!

The marketing specialists of the company have a great sense of humor. In 2014, IKEA launched an advertisement promoting its catalog for 2015, which was more of a parody rather risky about Apple products. The advertising became viral and has reached more than 18 million visits so far.

6. Do you want to build a snowman?

“Snowman free. (Requires assembly)”.

This fun ad shows the company’s ability to make humor with the irony. This is one of the things that we like from IKEA.

5. “Iron throne” from Game of Thrones

How to invoke a fan of Game of Thrones in order to increase sales of health? This is the perfect way!

4. Aparta — studio in a box

What we like best about IKEA is that you show how you can incorporate your furniture into your life. As in this shop in Brooklyn, where it was created in a “cardboard box away-study” and what amoblaron as only they know how to do this. Is to live a dream, right?

3. Balconies on a building in Frankfurt

How to redesign the balconies as boxes of IKEA? Easy to this magnate of furniture.

2. Metro in Paris

“Make yourself comfortable wherever you go, visit and enjoy” could be the motto of IKEA. Why else someone would redesign the metro station in Paris, turning it into a cozy waiting room?

1. Train in Japan

For the advertising campaign of your store in Japan, IKEA decorated an entire train with its unique style.

Bonus: a trick to get free items from IKEA

“Only a FOOL would buy furniture from IKEA. In its place, just I downloaded the instructions and I sent an email to the customer care department saying that I am missing a piece. I will do that until they send me all the parts in a period of six months”.

This is to be creative.

Do you love IKEA and their ad campaigns? What I was impressed with the most? Please share with us your answers in the comments section!

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