13 Tricks of a famous chef to create a culinary masterpiece

Being a chef is not just a vocation but also a life style. That is what most know Gordon Ramsey, the british chef winner of 16 Michelin stars. No one is better than him to explain how to organize a kitchen, how to prepare a perfect dish and how to choose the right foods.

Great.guru has compiled for you some tricks unique to the legend of “Kitchen inferno”, which will help you to improve your culinary skills.

1. Cook fried eggs properly

Échaes salt to the egg only at the end of cooking. What happens is that the salt quickly absorbs moisture from the food, and this can make the texture of the dish is tough and dry if applied at the beginning of the preparation.

2. To make the olive oil is delicious

Uses the stems of the vegetables to improve the taste and the aroma of the olive oil. All you need to do is to wash the rosemary, basil or oregano, dried, and poured them in warm oil (its temperature should not exceed +85 °C), close the container and leave it at rest.

3. To accelerate the ripening of the fruit

It is possible to accelerate the process of maturation putting fruit in a paper bag along with a banana and leaving them in a dark place. At maturity, they release ethylene, the effect of which is better if there is a lack of moisture. Therefore, a banana is already ripe shape a favorable environment for the release of the hormone from the rest of the fruits.

4. Flavored sugar

You can do that, the sugar has more scent by adding vanilla pods to the sugar. Also you can improve it with a couple of tablespoons of ground spices: cardamom, nutmeg and cinnamon. But do not overdo it, otherwise the fuse of a smell too cloying.

5. Baking potatoes perfect

To prepare potatoes, ideally baked, first hiérvelas, after rebózalas in flour or semolina and send it to the oven. Thanks to this trick you’ll get a delicious and crunchy crust.

6. To peel onions without crying

Do your tears form an integral part of the process of peeling onions? Forget it. Do not delete your root before the peel and the slices. Do it after.

7. Marinate meat properly

It is no secret that it is necessary to make cuts in the meat to improve its impregnation. But, where should be done exactly? To make the tissues more juicy, cut in its side fatty. Then you’ll be able to fully enjoy the flavor of your dish.

8. Use pepper of different degrees of grind for different dishes

The mills are capable of more than you think people. For example, tightening the screw at the top and get ground pepper that is ideal for soups and sauces. Aflójalo slightly so it stays at some intermediate point, and used the resulting powder to salads and ready meals. And if aflojas the screw, you’ll get a polishing thickness serving as a condiment for meats and fish. If you have not yet purchased one of them, then you are left with the option of going to the market for some pepper of different grades of ground.

9. Reuse the oil

Did you know that the vegetable oil can be reused? But to not feel the taste of what is prepared for the first time it is necessary to heat a piece of ginger of 0.5 cm in him. You can use this method only once, otherwise you run the risk of significantly increasing the level of cholesterol in your body.

10. Use honey in place of oil

Replaces the oil in the marinade for honey. Has bactericidal properties and is a thickener natural. It also adds a sweetness unusual to your plate. This preparation can be used for any meat or fish, but is ideal for the pig.

11. Use only 5 ingredients in each recipe

The famous expert culinary advised not to reinvent the wheel and be more simple in choosing the ingredients for a dish: “It requires a maximum of 5 ingredients for a dish to be excellent. When it comes to 7-8 components, scrap the recipe”.

12. Finely chop the garlic

If you need to chop perfectly garlic, add a pinch of salt to the bowl in which you crush: it will help to separate the fibers.

13. Thicken sauces with tomatoes

Many of us have faced some time the problem of thicken the sauce. In this case, it is usually use flour and starch, but it is possible to do without them. Add chopped tomatoes to speed up the thickening and give the prepared a fresh taste.

What do you, what cooking techniques do you use?

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