14 important Tips for those who want to get a tattoo and not regret it in old age

From a long time ago, tattoos have ceased to surprise you all, and the true professionals in a field already don’t prove an impediment to find a job. Every time there are more and more people willing to decorate their bodies with a pattern this intricate. Perhaps up to you you belong to that group of people! However, it is usual that before you visit a tattoo parlor arising out of some questions, for example, in where is best to locate a design, or what styles of tattoos are out there today.

Great.guru has found answers to the most common questions about tattoos for you to prepare before you make one.

Knees and shin

When a tattoo starts to heal, the legs swell, and then the edema passes into the sole of the foot, so that the first few days don’t overload yourself doing long walks or playing sports, and not to over-tighten the thigh with bandages or cling film. In these areas look very good with pointillism and portraiture. There are examples of works in these styles later in the article.

The knee is not the most popular place for tattooing: the patella is located close to the skin, so the pain is felt much more. The tissues in this area are pretty tough, and that can cause the pigment to leave with the time (the elements and the outline will lose the density of the coating required). There will be great images round or oval. It is better to refrain from compositions with details that are too thin.


Do you want decorate your legs with an image of large volume? The best place are the thighs, and the sides chosen most often are the external and the side, as these are the areas less painful. A tattoo in this area may be diluted under certain conditions.

The point here is not only the change of the layers of the skin, but also modifications in the weight, towards the direction that is. Get ready to keep in shape. Tattoos small are less susceptible to deformation. In the hips you will see a sleek design of style to realistic, traditional or neoteradicional.


The back is an excellent “canvas” for the large scale paintings with many details, or for multiple tattoos smaller. The skin in that area is smooth, not too hard, and almost not subject to deformation: the tattoo will remain in its original form for a long time. But it will be much more difficult to take care of it, and you can only view the drawing in a mirror.

The application of a tattoo on the whole back will require 5 or more sessions. It is better to think of the sketch in advance and discuss it with the tattooist: the drawings in different styles in a single part of the body will be absurd, and some are difficult to join. Popular themes for tattooing the back are: realistic pictures of animals, ornaments, floral tattoos of japanese style, biomechanical and organic.

Neck and chest

What looks better in the chest are the designs symmetrical, especially the styles eastern, trash polka and organic. And in the neck, the pattern can be drawn in one side or in a circle. There will be appropriate lines thin air and for women, or elements more massive to the men.

The skin of the neck and chest is gentle and sensitive, so that it is more painful to tattoo there, and the design takes a bit more time to recover. You can resort to the use of painkillers, but then you will need more sessions, because it will be more difficult to apply the ink. If you are allergic, ask the tattooist to perform a test and check how it will react your skin to a product in specific. It is rare, but many investigations have shown that some people are prone to suffer allergy to the red ink.

Hands and fingers

To get a tattoo on the hands and fingers is a work of filigree that requires expertise and precision on the part of the tattooist. A newbie will not be able to do it well. These are the areas of the body most exposed, the skin is under a constant external influence and friction, causing it to renew itself all the time. That means that the picture will wear off quickly and require correction.

In these areas there is little fat and little amount of muscles, but many nerve endings, which makes tattooing a picture there is very painful. It is not advisable to get a tattoo between the toes: the image will become blurred, instead of the original drawing shall be a “stain”. For the decoration of the fingers and the hands serve simple geometric shapes, patterns and letters in the style of blackwork. The best place is the outer part of the hand, from the wrist to the nails.

Arms and “sleeves”

The arm is one of the most popular places and less painful to get a tattoo. If you don’t want a drawing that is input to cover an area too large, starts, for example, with the wrist. There will be a small work with contours in color or a tattoo in white and black with a small amount of details. Don’t ask for too many items tiny: with time, the image can become blurred and illegible.

You can get inked is a part of the limb, or you can also cover multiple, merging the designs into a beautiful “manga”. Think of this in advance: it is sometimes difficult to interweave the disparate elements in a single set. The styles are more successful for the “sleeves” are: biomechanical, chicano, neotradicional, japanese, new school and realistic.

Questions for the tattoo artist that is considered shameful

The visit to a tattoo parlor is an important event and you have to prepare for this ahead of time. To become familiar with the topic, read the existing information on the venue’s website or on his page on the social networks: there shall be the most important points of your way of working. Once in a while, people appear who do the same questions over and over again, which are classified by the tattoo as inappropriate. So take a look to see what they are and not being embarrassed!

“Why so expensive? Can you make me a discount?”

The tattoo artist quotes your job based on their experience, the complexity of the drawing, your individual style and the materials required. For example, a tribal design in a size of 10 by 10 cm will be easier and faster to make than one with the same measures but organic style.

Ask for a discount or ask if they can pay in installments is of bad education. But the halls of tattoos have promotions periodically, and the tattoo artists participating in conventions. Many times, these latest models are needed: if your idea will like to the professional, you’ll be able to save a lot of money.

“Can it be one like it, but in a different style? I found a picture on the Internet, can you repeat it?”

Generally, each tattoo artist has their own style and preferences. If you like the line in which you are working, you are most welcome. If not, find another professional. It is acceptable to express desires of the type “a butterfly green instead of a blue one”, but not more than that. For example, to eliminate the contours that are characteristic of a drawing of the old school style is not an option at all.

It is also a bad idea to take any image from Internet and ask that you draw exactly the same thing. The tattoo professionals can take the idea of another person as basis and adapt it according to their preferences, but only a tattoo-artist unscrupulous or greedy will make an exact copy of the design from someone else.

“I want a tattoo temporary, can you do it?”

Temporary tattoos do not exist. If the tattoo artist tells you otherwise, run as fast as you can, because the person is in front of you you want off badly and take advantage of your ignorance. You will make a common design with ink of poor quality, which is descolorará and lose form in a couple of years.

With respect to the removal of tattoos with laser, today, there is no technology that will allow to remove a design completely, without leaving behind any traces or contours in areas of strong coloration. If you’ve crossed paths with a tattoo artist little professional in the past, it is best to make a drawing beautiful and high-quality overlay to cover the previous.

“What a tattoo must contain symbolic representations?”

It all depends on the carrier: some give the pattern printed on the body an important meaning, but for others it is nothing more than a pretty picture, designed to brighten up the view. There are No clear rules with regard to this topic and may not be appropriate. But when you put on the body, for example, an inscription in an unknown language or a symbol strange, to avoid awkward moments, first find out its meaning.

“What all tattoos should be designed in the same style?”

There are No prohibitions, but the tattoos are made in a single style will be more harmonious. For example, watercolor, and biomechanical will be rare in the same limb, but it is quite easy to find a crossing point between pointillism and the east.

The tattoo artists ensure that the classification of styles is arbitrary, and not always it is possible to make clear distinctions. Sometimes, certain designs may include some elements of another. In thinking about your first tattoo, look at the existing styles and choose 2 or 3 that you like more. A tattoo artist experienced will know how to guide you through on how to combine them and if it is convenient to unite them.

“What is necessary to make an in-person consultation with the tattoo artist before the session?”

Yes, that will help to avoid undesirable consequences, such as a contour blur or loss of color of the tattoo, thing that can happen for a variety of reasons: the tattoo artist used a pigment that is not intended to make an outline, or chose the technique, the size or body part incorrect. In other words, you do not have enough experience.

That doesn’t remove him from responsibility to the customer: before the session, it is absolutely counterproductive to drink alcohol, and it is best to refrain from anesthesia. Do not neglect the recommendations of your tattoo artist with respect to the care of a new tattoo. Specifically, in no circumstances desprendas the crust of the drawing and not the rasques.

Bonus: the map of the pain

It is obvious that getting a tattoo hurts, but the question is how much. The pain map will help guide you: the areas least painful of the body are marked in green and, the most annoying, in red. The yellow indicates those areas where the pain is tolerable. Don’t forget, the feelings and the resistance threshold may vary in different people.

They say that you should not get a tattoo when you’re with the rule, like to color your hair. The fears are exaggerated, you just need to follow your state: if you feel sick, stay home; if you tolerate this period easily, then there is no need to postpone the visit to the classroom of the tattoo artist.

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