14 Things that influence the attractiveness of women according to men

The desire to please the opposite sex is something completely natural. For this reason, women, often, discussion on “what they like to the men,” look at all the parts of the body trying to guess and improve on what is that crazy to anyone.

In Great.guru seemed to us interesting to know what people would say to this men and some of their answers surprised us, and a lot. Get ready!

1. The goodness

Men always appreciate good work, especially if you weigh a woman as a strong candidate for a long-term relationship. And this will confirm the scientists! That’s why, not in vain it is said that if you give kindness, kindness you will receive it, and it turns out that this turns towards you, attracting the male attention.

2. Ability to operate in unexpected situations

The men still insist that they like the naturalness, both in behavior and in appearance. But it turns out that it is not less important how you react to unexpected situations. If a woman can kindly acknowledge that you made a mistake instead of trying to justify or get angry, you are on the right path to get the admiration of a man interested in her.

3. The nails

Many women are convinced that no one, except the professional of the manicure, he is interested in his nails. However, it seems that men appreciate the hands (although it is highly likely that you do not look at the color of the nail Polish or in the form of the same), as this helps to identify how well it takes care of a woman.

4. Emotional state

According to the men, one of types female more unpleasant responds to a woman with a negative view of the world that surrounds it. They notice everything that worries you in your life and what worsens your mood: for example, an unpleasant work, discussions with your parents, suffering through the dreams not met and other situations of this type. As well, they begin to associate your image with the distress, while they seek a source of optimism. This is the reason for the leave captivate easily by the women happy who know how to enjoy life.

But you won’t be able to pretend for a long time, because the man will realize just how repressed you are on the inside, even if you do everything possible to seem like the happiest person in the world. Therefore, you must learn to find simple joys in your daily life. Who needs it most is you.

5. Economic situation

Women wanted equal rights and got it. That’s why, today, not only them are fixed in the economic stability of their partner, they also. Yes, this topic is very delicate, but important. So you can be sure that the man is interested by your income, not by mere curiosity, but to draw some conclusions in this sense. If you earn more money than him, you may need some time to understand if you can accept a situation as well. And if you earn less, you may need to that moment in which you want to be sure that your interests do not respond to an economic issue.

6. Self-esteem

Men like to make compliments to women, who by themselves know what they are worth and do not need those words. They hate to give compliments to those women who are used to disprove it. No woman less attractive to the eyes of a man that the person who always questions her own beauty.

The security of your own attractiveness often compensates for any defect, imaginary or real in the appearance. To understand this, you can become the fatal woman that men dream so often

7. Attitude toward other women

If you chaired a nasty glare to a pretty woman passing by, or even you had the license to make an unpleasant comment about it, you can be sure that your partner is noticed and interpreted these gestures as a set of complexes in which queen envy and a character incisor.

8. Style

At best, some men are not so good at the time to follow the latest fashion trends, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t mind the appearance of a woman. Your style can be a decisive factor to the hour that is to come to you to get to know you: each man has his own image about how should be the girl of his dreams. Some do not dare to approach a woman with hair of bright colours, while others are allergic to the cliches. This is the reason that one should never conform to other people’s tastes: you can not please all the world.

9. Footwear

Yes, men are extremely attentive to the person they are interested in, from your nails to the shoes. No, do not attempt to identify the designer of your shoes or remembering the rules of combination of colors between the shoes and the bags; rather, pay attention to how comfortable you feel with your shoes. When a woman it fits a heel huge and unstable, this only causes irritation and a desire inmimente to end the date as soon as possible.

10. Amount of friends

For men, it is important that your girlfriend has her own life with real friends, with which it has past sorrows and joys. Alarmed by the absence of close friends or by having too many friendships that change and are constantly renewed.

11. Laughter

No more words: women without afraid to show his emotions always hechizan men.

12. Sense of humor

In the description of an “ideal woman” you’ll always find a special mention to the sense of humor. The research only show that women are capable of doing and understand funny jokes seem to be much more attractive than those that do not possess these qualities.

13. Tiredness

It is a well-known fact that insomnia and lack of sleep do not bring nothing attractive to the person. Cosmetics can not hide a man this information about your daily life. In a study, men were shown photos of attractive women, some of whom had slept 8 or 9 hours the night before and the other nothing at all. They had not slept looked much less attractive, sad and aggressive for men.

14. Aspirations

We live in a world that moves quickly, full of events. That is probably the reason why the desire to live a full life and to realize big dreams and plans (by crazy that may seem) became important factors in the attractiveness of a woman to the eyes of men. The passivity and laziness in women causes modern men and women away. And the women do not feel attracted by this type of men. Do you agree?

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