14 Things you will never see in a woman of France

French women are associated with impeccable taste, and a style and elegance special, inherent only to them. One of the main rules in your look is a sense of proportion in everything: from shoes to makeup. Here are some things to learn.

Great.guru proposes you to see what things and rules you have to reject forever if you like the style of Sophie Marceau and Marion Cotillard.

1. Stockings and panty hose, skin-colored

Only a person clueless would not write about the pantyhose, but the worst thing is to wear them at for a walk in the Champs-Elysées. The legs should be bare or with pants or with tights and stockings of black or other dark. In reality, to imitate the skin open where there is not, for the French, is the same as not respecting herself.

2. Fasteners push-up

The character of Charlotte Gainsbourg in Nymphomaniac director Lars von Trier has generated a full boom of fashion in the small chest in France. Before they were ashamed of the small sizes, but now, to lift or raise the chest artificialmentees simply in bad taste. French women show that the true sexuality lies not in the size of the bust, but in the energy that possesses the owner. That’s why, when you choose the underwear set for the look of a French woman, she rejects the purchase of the brasiers tight or push-up in favor of a soft lace feminine.

3. Overdoing the accessories

In the French fashion is in force a law: the more accessories you have, the more easy will be the clothes. Wear a skirt, multicolor, shoes, and, above all, a couple of bracelets, necklace and earrings is the worst thing for the French. Usually, there are that making a choice in favor of one thing: the flashy clothing, accessories, bright, or belt/bag outstanding.

4. Logos striking of famous brands

The bloggers French write that a true elegance is how you stay and not the logos brilliant in all the pieces from your wardrobe. For that, use clothes and shoes, in addition, carry with you a bag with logos too notable is a sign of bad taste. It is still worse when they are present in several articles at the same time.

5. Just the style of city in the city

The French bravely used items in the closet of the beach even in the same city. If you have a good mood of summer and in the street the weather is nice, why not put on a dress and adorn your look with espadrilles and a wide-brimmed hat? To the French it doesn’t bother them to use this outfit even when not be found in the coastal zone of Nice, but in the center of Paris.

6. A look well-chosen and perfect

For the French, the exaggeration with the makeup and the hairstyle fixed is a sign of bad taste. Leaving the house each day as if it were to go to a photo shoot for a magazine pictorial is not her style. For French women it is important to conserve a little bit of carelessness, a look a little incomplete. The hairstyle usually creates the impression that to do so only needed two motions with the brush. This gives you the spontaneity and freedom, that men like to talk so much with them. They do not repel each other with their perfectly calibrated to the smallest detail and the face of a doll.

7. A relief visible of the muscles

The gold standards of a hike elegant by Brigitte Bardot are living in France up until today. Therefore, the French like to make emphasis on the waist, legs, slender and not create muscles in the abdomen and buttocks, to meet the glamour world. For them it is important to stay in a feminine style and soft. The general rule is simply a figure of elegant and slim.

8. Contempt for the bags

In the wardrobe of every French there are more than a dozen of different bags, jackets and bléiser for any occasion. They are a true fanatic of this element of the wardrobe and can complement any look. In the place where the women, without thinking, choose a leather jacket or a windbreaker sports, the French will elect a bléiser that elegantly highlight the waist.

9. Heels and platforms are very high

The stylists French written that the shoes extremely high, such as Lady Gaga, only you can only see in a nightmare. Such shoes dramatically increase the stature and elegance of the look, but inevitably make it more eye-catching. The French value more femininity and classic elements without sudden. When choosing shoes, go with the following thought: wear heels with which you can walk.

10. The contempt for the style of their moms and grandmothers

For the French, the women of the previous generations are real icons of style. Them with all their strength try to be like them instead of following the current fashion. Often, among the women walking in the street, it is difficult to distinguish what is mom and what is the adult daughter, because the two look so elegant.

11. The garments oversize without accent at the waist

The garments oversize are suitable when sea salts, or after taking a bath. In other cases, the French are trying to emphasize the waist. For them it is important to feel elegant and a bit fragile, it is quite difficult to get this feeling to put on clothing oversize.

12. Surrender due to his age

Nothing can prevent a French be elegant and sophisticated, especially in your age. For the French it is absolutely impossible to let your guard down after 40, 50 and more years ago; the style is in their blood. That’s why, when you walk on the streets in france and to visit the cafes, you can find a lot of ladies of any age dressed with elegance.

13. The coats of skin’s natural for young girls

Dressing up with skins natural faces 20 years is like having a Chanel logo on the bag, shoes and belt buckle at the same time. The coats of skin natural in France are an indicator of status and age, a young girl does not need it at all.

14. Concern and anxiety in the face

“The sign is the most certain of wisdom is the constant serenity”, wrote the French philosopher Michel de Montaigne. He had a reason. The women furrowed, arrogant, and too serious away all. Just go to a French and she will answer you with a smile, at the same time, no matter if they slept well, and what plans you have in that moment.

Do you agree with the rules of the French style? What garments would be difficult to refuse for you, and in general, what is not rechazarías?

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