14 Fun stories that you will return to the childhood

Sure each one of us has a story of the childhood of shame and laughter to remember.

Great.guru proposes you to forget for a while of your concerns and get to know these stories of different people. We select only the most fun.

  • Small was a little girl, very generous. I also liked very much the cartoon “Ninja Turtles”, and believed that they really lived in the sewers. I felt sorry for them because they just ate pizza, so I decided to bring them pancakes. Luckily, my mother intercepted it with the plate on the door, when I was heading firmly towards the drain.
  • Small, had a weird play: it took two bags, filled with pillows, I sat on the sofa and… I was as well, sitting. Much time, on average about an hour. When my mother asked me what I was doing, answered him seriously: “Mom, please don’t touch me, I’m travelling on the train!”
  • Once, small, I played in the garden and somehow miraculously dug up a MOLE. I ran with him to my mother saying: “Look at what puppy so ugly!”. Mom still fears them to the moles and I also… A little.
  • When I was 10 years old I loved to watch the show “Muñeca brava”. All the girls in the school looked at it and I liked very much the song that played Natalia Oreiro. I decided to learn it, so every time I started the series I wrote down the words on a sheet of paper. After memorizing the words, I said in class that I could sing the theme song of the tv series everyone’s favourite. The girls were delighted! At recess, hung out a bunch of chairs, hung up their jackets, and we hid under the desk as if it were a house. While I intoned the songs, they are not allowed to enter the boys telling them that they were “things of girls,” and they should not be there. I felt like a star.
  • Up to 5 years of age, in winter, I dressed very carefully for the rides because I was in love with… of a snowman. Any of them, there were none in specific. And every time my mother tried to convince me to wear pants and not a prom dress, I was told that the subject would love me the same. I then I thought: How is it that you don’t love me for my beauty? And now I understand what she wanted to tell me. In the family album there is a picture in which I give him a kiss on the cheek to the snowman, bending the leg in the air. All a girl polar.
  • Small, with a friend playing spies. We saw a tramp in the street and we follow their daily movements throughout the summer. After 2 months, gave us a one hundred dollar bill to let quiet.
  • When I was a child, I decided to write a last will and testament. All my toys were left for the cat, my room to Ale, the tramp of the neighborhood that always greeted me, and my book on the label should be delivered to my brother (just had a fight). I took this list to my aunt’s lawyer and asked him to “seal” the document. She, a woman, clever, sent copies to all the relatives and the original put in a frame on his desk, next to the diplomas.
  • About 10 years ago, I came back with my brother from school. We stopped at the corner of the house because we saw a window mirror in which we could only look at us if you missed (we were very young). Well, we started to jump. We went into heat and started making faces, screaming wild and inhumanely. We continue until we came to a lord, strict dress suit and told us: “I’m Sorry, but we have a meeting here, damn it”.
  • When I was little (maybe about 7 years old), we lived in an apartment on the 2nd floor and I was in love with a boy from the third party. Their balcony was right above ours, and when I went to bed, stretched elegantly my left hand on the blanket so that, if all of a sudden, my prince descended (on a vine, like Tarzan) to my room, it was easier to put the ring on my finger.
  • When I was 6 years old, I went with my grandmother to buy groceries at the store. We approached the counter where there was a row of several people, and one of the ladies told my grandmother: “What a beautiful granddaughter!”. I, without giving it too much thought, I lowered my shorts and panties and I said: “I Am a grandson!”
  • When I was little, my dad shaved her head. Didn’t recognize it and it freaked me out. When they went to sleep, I called my grandmother and told her that my mother was sleeping with a strange man. 10 minutes later my grandmother was in our house and I ended up punished some time.
  • In my childhood, I didn’t really understand why all the people who smile are seen the lower teeth and not to me, and I was very worried about that, so I was laughing by pulling the lower jaw. Now, all of the albums of my family are full of photos with happy faces of my relatives and my smile, similar or of a madman, a schizophrenic, or a wild beast stuffy that has fallen into a trap.
  • One of the memories that warm the children: winter, night. Mom enters the house and closes the door quickly to keep out the cold. The home is on, use wool socks and pajamas. We laughed, we talked. We had tea in the kitchen before going to bed. We wish you good night. I sleep in the room of my mother, she would cover with a blanket or thick, it brings the cat Mupi, puts it at my feet. Before I fall asleep, I tell you my dear mother my secrets. As I grew up, but I’d give a lot for one more day as well.

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