14 Examples of development that are strange at the first glance, but they love the neighbors

The life in a big city is a bustle and restlessness eternal. That’s why industrial designers are trying to create recreation areas welcoming in the big cities and install all types of useful devices. Some of them are more similar to objects of art and work only a few months, while others are featureless and become an integral part of the city.

Great.guru has compiled for you examples of the improvements more useful, since the chargers for smart phones in the street to benches that lift the mood. I bet you immediately want to see the same things in your city.

14. In Manhattan, they put a hybrid of a public phone and a library

The american architect John Locke devised shelves special that is attached to the side of a public phone and serves as a library.

13. Fire hoses, old converted in hammocks

In Copenhagen, they decided to demonstrate that the fire hose could have a second life. As a result, the inhabitants of the city now have comfortable hammocks.

12. The QR code on the asphalt helped to see the past

In New York you can see how were the streets in the last 70 or 80 years. Just stand next to the arrow, scan the QR code and the image on the screen of the smart phone will be merged with the old photo of this place.

11. The banks of the city have become a source of good mood

“Social banks”, invented by the Danish designer Yeppe Hein, can be seen in many european cities. These unusual designs make you use your imagination and simply approach people.

10. Old clothes near the stops

The Dutch designers liked the habit of the residents of the city of BatYam take your old clothes to the street, and proposed to put together points of exchange of things on the main streets.

9. In Amsterdam they invented outdoor furniture made from waste plastics

The Dutch study The New Raw decided to launch the project “Print Your City!” (Please print your city!), combining 3D printing and recycling of waste. We have banks of design unusual in that you can swinging if you want to.

8. In Montreal installed a swing-orchestra

The design includes 21 seats, and each of them is responsible for the sound of a note. To play a melody harmonious, the neighbors used to look at your phones during the break they have to communicate with each other and swinging in a certain rhythm.

7. Citizens were offered to rent a chair

Another project that was implemented in the streets of Israel. The citizens put a coin in the receiver, and became temporarily the owners of a chair staff, which could lead to the shade or the doors of a shop where they offer delicious coffee.

6. The residents of Brooklyn invented a fence to chat

Thanks to social networks, it was possible to attract local residents of all ages to the building. We liked them so much that the new object of art became one of the most fashionable for meetings and communication: on the chalkboard attached to the fence you could leave a message for a friend, and in the evenings the young people gathered here.

5. The post music plays a melody for all who reject a cigarette

At London appeared the posts Smoke: interactive devices designed to combat the smoking. Every cigarette is thrown into it is celebrated with a joyful melody and a light show: blink all 56 LED lamps.

4. Detroit-grown carrots and cabbage in the centre of the city

In recent years, the orchards public have become fashionable, in which each citizen is assigned their own bed. One of the largest you will find in downtown Detroit: 2-thousand people to eat fresh vegetables because of it.

3. You can charge the phone directly on the street

Thanks to the project “Streetcharge”, new yorkers can not to fear that your smart phone run out of battery power at the most inopportune time. If this happens, there are special mats where they can charge their devices.

2. In Copenhagen were made reality the dreams of children on playgrounds and parks unusual

Each project of the company Monstrum is based on a true story. Kids can explore a ship which suffered in a battle, to become pilots of rocket or defeat a huge octopus.

1. In Yekaterinburg, the citizens can build a bench or a park for bikes

Local designers provide residents with standalone modules for outdoor furniture, which can be combined in different ways. Of such blocks it is possible to construct a bank round and even fencing the place for a parking of bicycles or a flower bed.

Bonus: if you’re tired of all, welcome to the bank for introverts

The designers of the Netherlands devised a bank for those who want to be alone. You can sit inside of this cocoon as much as you want: it is equipped with a ventilation system and a solar battery with a secondary station to charge devices.

What in your city there are examples of such urbanization?

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