14 Packaging magic for christmas gifts that inspire: it’s still time to wrap yours!

The holidays are approaching and we want to surprise our loved ones not only a gift but also with your wrap. It is sometimes even more enjoyable than the gift itself. Even it is a shame to ruin these beauties!

In Great.guru gathered together the most interesting options and is happy to share with you some ideas.

14. Fruit with surprise

13. Prepares a pineapple with chocolates

Watch and learn how to do it here.

12. The ornaments more festive branches and pinecones

Here you can see how to do it.

11. Beautiful pyramids hand-made

Here are the instructions.

10. A gift very masculine

Here you’ll see how to do it.

9. A gift and a bouquet

Czech how to do it here.

8. A great way to give away cookies

7. Fairy tale

Here will teach you how to recreate it.

6. Ornaments great

5. A gift sweet of different types of chocolate

It is complicated, but worth the money. Look here.

4. Packaging very original

It’s easy and you already have all the materials! The instructions are here.

3. A small sapling

2. Packaging fun

Even a child could do it. Look here for the details.

1. The wrap more of a warm

Learn how to do it here.

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