14 Scenes from movies in which he missed something and ended up being better than those provided in the script

The film is not a quick process, because many scenes need to be filmed several times. This happens when the actors forget some phrases, do not handle their emotions, or when something happens outside of the script provided. Then, already during the mounting, it can be observed that some of the shots that failed are to be mini-masterpieces and not to be included in the final version of the film would be something unforgivable.

That’s why, Great.guru has collected for you 14 of those scenes “not provided” in which something has gone wrong, but they ended up staying in the final version.

Blade Runner

In one scene, the actress Daryl Hannah, according to the script, it escaped, running to Sebastian, but because the road is wet and its uncomfortable shoes slipped and banged against a van, breaking the glass with his elbow. The glass was totally real, and Hannah was injured quite a lot the elbow. But the actress, with value, finished the scene and this event unpleasant has gone on record to remember his scar on the elbow.


In a scene of martial arts with Morpheus, Neo rubs his nose with the thumb, repeating the famous gesture of Bruce Lee before attacking their enemies. This gesture was not present in the script, but it was luxury!

After the shooting, in the lobby, the camera zooms out to show the consequences of the uncontrolled situation. At that time, the tile of one of the studs falls off. It happened by accident, but decided not to trim this time, considering it is more than adequate.

Police officers spare

At the beginning of the film, there is a scene in the police headquarters, where the character of Mark Wahlberg draws parallels with the animal world. The famous phrases on the lion and the tuna were nowhere in the screenplay, with Will Ferrell ended up causing a state of stupor on your interlocutor. It is clear, it would have been a crime to have it removed from the film.

The Lord of the Rings: the fellowship of the Ring

In one scene, Gandalf, according to the script, hit your head against the ceiling light and then the tour to, by accident, be it against the low arches of the house. The reaction genuine the actor liked it so much the principal of this decided to tell with her to the assembly of his great film work.

Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme

When the character of Benedict Cumberbatch attends the library, known there to Wong. According to the script provided, he says with sarcasm: “do you Only Wong? Do You Like Adele?” But the phrase “show me, Beyoncé…” was not in the script, and the reaction of Wong is a good proof of this. Liked both the director added another scene, in particular, making reference to the joke.

The fight club

In the film there is a moment that Brad Pitt, according to the script, asks Edward Norton that will knock you on the shoulder to show his physical strength. But before recording this scene, the director asked Norton not to hit him in the shoulder, but in the ear, without advance notice to Pitt. As a result, we see a real grimace of pain on the face of Brad.


In one scene, Joaquin Phoenix, according to the script, he says: “what am I not merciful?” After saying it, the actor maintained a pause stage and when all the world thought that the scene had finished, Joaquin, unexpectedly for all participants in the process of shooting, he shouted the same phrase to frighten really of the actress Connie Nielsen.

Independence day

The scene in which Will Smith pulls the alien was shot with a strong heat on the salt flats near the Great Salt Lake in the state of Utah. After several takes, the actor, now tired, cried out with anger: “what the hell stinks in here?” The phrase was not referred to in the script, the stench was really terrible, because in the bottom of the lake were broken down millions of shrimp, and the wind was carrying this odor for all parties.


During the filming of the scene where Jack draws Rose naked, the young DiCaprio was feeling a little uncomfortable, and made a small error in your sentence, proposing to Rose lie down on the bed instead of on the couch. However, director James Cameron thought that this error in the sentence highlighted perfectly the spirit of excitement of what was happening and decided to leave this decision failed in the movie.

When the ship is sinking and Rose runs to the rescue of Jack, Cal the stops. According to the script provided, the actress had to stick with his clasp. But before, in the filming of this movie, DiCaprio had taught Kate Winslet to spit “like a man”. It, talk about it with Cameron, without notice to the actor Billy Zane, he spat in the face. Zane was not expecting such a gesture, for nothing, because in the previous shots, Kate always acted strictly according to what was in the script.

Jay and Silent Bob strike back

When the main characters of the movie are going to see Holden McNeil, played by Ben Affleck, this affirms that the children had already had sufficient time to mature and, using swear words, says that Silent Bob supposedly thinks of Jay. It seemed that the decision was going to be useless, but the director was so pleased with the reaction back to the actor Kevin Smith, who decided to leave it in the film.

The Godfather

At the beginning of the movie, Sonny Corleone, very angry with the behavior of the FBI, pushes the photographer and breaking his camera. This time I was not in the script, so that the reaction of shock that is observed in the photographer is absolutely authentic. The actor also improvised by pulling money to this photographer in the form of compensation for the damages.

Mission Impossible II

During the filming of the final fight, Tom Cruise did not measure well their forces, and really gave with your legs directly in the jaw of your fellow actor. It turned out spectacular and the director John Woo decided not to re-record this scene. As a result, in the film, in addition to a beat very strong, we can see the face of the scare of Tom Cruise realizing his mistake.

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