14 Hollywood Stars who were almost confirmed for the roles of legendary characters

It is simply impossible to imagine some heroes of the film interpreted by other actors. And to think that only a casting successful, a change in the mood of the director or a simple chance could have made the admiration and the applause were for other stars.

Great.guru began to fantasize about this topic and you are presented with the 14 “versions” of the famous characters that were intended for other actors.

David Bowie as Elrond

The initiative to play the role of the ruling elven Elrond in the “Lord of the Rings was” of the own Bowie, though director Peter Jackson imagined it would be better playing Gandalf. But the participation in the shooting as main character did not fit into the busy schedule of the musician.

Dustin Hoffman as Rick Deckard

Dustin Hoffman was a step in a coveted role in the film “Blade Runner”, but was fought for with the studio The Ladd Company, whose representatives did not meet the desire of the actor: he wanted his character to be dark and bitter.

Christopher Walken as Han Solo

Now it’s impossible to imagine anyone other than Harrison Ford playing Han Solo in “Star Wars.” But at first Lucas saw in his place the other actors, and one of the more realistic options was the candidacy of Christopher Walken. But at the last moment the director just changed his mind.

David Schwimmer as agent J

The actor was offered the role of the partner of an experienced fighter against the evil spirits of the Universe, but he rejected it, fearing that I would end up being only a shadow discreet of his colleague, who had more time on the big screen. It is not known how it would look like Schwimmer, but Will Smith already has 3 “Men in black” and looks amazing.

Kristen Stewart as Wonder Woman

Although Stewart has acted in several films with fantastic characters, turned down the role of Wonder Woman. Perhaps it is due to his love for the short hair and a reluctance to use a new wig, that she had to accept in order to film the sequel of the movie “Twilight”.

Ryan Gosling as the Joker

Gosling himself had expressed the desire to interpret the dangerous villain in “Suicide Squad”, but at the last moment decided not to do it, because he had to accept the participation in the films that follow, and this actor had not planned that at all.

Tom Cruise as Steve Jobs

The creators of the movie were divided into those who thought that Tom was one of the best candidates, and those who doubted it because of its age which was not appropriate for the plot. Finally, the role was played by Michael Fassbender, who, perhaps, looks a little bit more about the founder of Apple.

Tobey Maguire as Bilbo Baggins

One of the possible fortunate for the lead role in the sensational film adaptation was the former “Spider-Man” Tobey Maguire. But Peter Jackson only saw Martin Freeman in the role of Bilbo, which he rejected all the other candidates proposals.

Angelina Jolie as Velma Kelly

The role of the beautiful Velma was the cause of a dispute between Catherine Zeta Jones and Angelina Jolie, whose traces have not been erased until today. The coveted role eventually went to Catherine, who, in addition, received an Oscar for best supporting actress.

Kate Winslet as Bridget Jones

Kate missed the chance to read the full delightful only because it was a little bit younger than the heroine on the screen: the actress was 26 years old and Brigitte was already over 30. As a result, the role was played by Renee Zellweger, something that the spectators don’t seem to regret too much.

Lindsay Lohan as Alice Kingsley

To interpret the role of the young Alice were considered Amanda Seyfried and even Lindsay Lohan, which is difficult to imagine in that role because it always makes girls especially temperamental and capricious. But the actress could not be tested in a new class of role. Four months before the shooting, was confirmed for the role Mia Wasikowska.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Jordan Belfort

The role of the outrageous “the Wolf of Wall Street” was desired by the Captain America, Chris Evans, as for the future, Snowden, Joseph Gordon-Levitt. But they failed the test. The role went to DiCaprio, that during the filming he met many times with the real Belfort to observe your life.

Jeremy Renner as Mad Max

Tom Hardy had to fight hard for her place in the film. One of the contenders for the role was the famous hawkeye of “The Avengers”, Jeremy Renner. But finally Tom came out victorious of the fight and flesh successfully to this hero on the screen.

Samuel L. Jackson as Hugh Glass

The creation of the film was entrusted first to Chan-Wook Park, who only looked to Jackson as an interpreter of this role. But the director stopped working on the film, and DiCaprio was commissioned to interpret the main character. To work on “Born again”, Leo rejected other projects not less important and not wrong: now the Oscar is finally in your hands.

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