14 Stories that prove true love is often born in strange circumstances

The nature of love is something strange. But you can notice a regularity: often the history of a relationship does not begin in a common form, but is accompanied by situations amazing, uncomfortable and extraordinary, that could be part of a movie.

Great.guru prepared a selection of true stories in which the participants of the group “Heard out there,” recount how they were born their relationship more united and happy.

  • My husband found me in a dumpster. It was autumn, it was raining, my dog jumped in a puddle and I splashed, ensuciándome full. I went to throw away his poop in the trash and I saw between the waste containers a treasure, some boxes of books. They were soaking wet, but some could be read. He saw me there, between the containers, with my clothes wet and dirty, with dog muddy to my side. He surmised that he was looking for food but, when he approached, he saw that my arms were full of books, and I was flipping through one of Saint-Exupéry. He says that he fell in love with immediately. We are married 10 years ago.
  • In our university there was a professor of middle age who not cared at all his appearance, he spoke in a strange way and was always very strict with the students. In a word, a monster. One of her students, a sweet girl and simple, fell in love with him. Prior to graduation, all piped in with her because her sympathy was obvious. But then, the forgotten. By the will of fate, 5 years later I was back in college, and upon leaving I found myself with a couple laughing. He was a man well-groomed, with a suit expensive, and it was the hand of a girl young and pretty, that he laughed aloud from a joke to your partner. They were. Later, by means of gossip, I learned that they started to leave right after the graduation she. The following year, they married. During that time, he became leader and began to develop their own research projects. She traveled overseas to further his studies and returned to collaborate with his now husband in his scientific activities. Students now worship the old monster, and they often ask to do their thesis work with him.
  • My parents met in an emergency room: my mother was medical, and my father was taken there after a fight. He was 22 years old; she, 29, and been widowed was 2 months. He fell in love with, began to look forward to it after work, gave her flowers and showed her love by her words and attitudes gallant. She’s not what I missed, but it always showed cold and indifferent. The pain for the loss of her husband, led her to suffer serious psychological problems, but he pulled out. After 3 years, she could not tell, for the first time, “I love You”. They are together for 27 years and have 3 children.
  • When I get sick, my skin starts to bruise and turn red. In general, my look is not for sensitive people. The boys, upon discovering this condition, fled immediately, believing that he could pass on my disease. I recently met a man. He not only escaped, but also buys me tasty food, says that I am the most beautiful, and that this feature does not my eye at all. He says that this is my touch of distinction. And I realized that he is my destiny.
  • I always liked men morochos, muscular, with black eyes. Brutal types, you could say. But one day appeared to HIM, a redhead with freckles, short, thin, with glasses, and I fell in love with at first sight. So, without hesitation, I accepted when he proposed marriage. I don’t regret anything, I love him with madness, and that all of those brutal types begrudge my companion pecoso, that he has me to me.
  • A couple of weeks before I left for vacation, I lost my father. My whole family said that I had to travel the same. I went. Trying to avoid two men obsessed on the street, I went to a club, but had no intentions of dancing. A stranger came up to meet me. We walked with him the whole night, we chatted a lot and are shocked when I mentioned the reason of my sadness. As we said farewell, my legs were shaking. I didn’t even think that we were going to come back to see us. Shortly, he sent me a message and came to visit me in my country. For many years we are together. If it were not for the death of my father, perhaps we would not have felt so close. Life is a very strange thing.
  • My grandparents worked together in the mountains. He was in love with her, but not admitted. Once that went somewhere alone, he fell in a cave and broke his leg. As they could not find him, he organized a search party that my grandmother was part. He remained in the cave for 4 days, without water. In a moment, on the edge of fainting, he thought that he did not want to die without saying before, in a loud voice, that he loved her. And when he said it, she heard it! It was so that he could find it. They spent 58 years together and had always the same love.
  • A friend was, for a long time, to conquer my best friend. As I saw that he was suffering so much, I decided to help you, because, even though the two felt the same, couldn’t be understood, and never came to anything. The result: now he and I are deeply in love, and my friend considers me a traitor. Well, I’m sorry that when you were doing so much drama out of nothing and will causabas jealousy, I was the only one that supported him and helped him in everything. I do not regret.
  • With a group of friends we were chatting about the exams. A guy stranger approached us. He was handsome, but his face was full of pimples and blisters. He told us that he was conducting a survey: “how important Is outer beauty in a person?”. We asked if we could kiss him on the cheek. My friends declined immediately, but I said yes. The result: we left more than a year ago, we love him with madness. And the bumps were a makeup.
  • Once I noticed on a beach with a handsome guy. I was watching it. Suddenly, he turned and nailed his eyes on me. Of course, not what I expected, and gave me a strong attack of hiccups… I Thought everything would be there, but I saw that he was approaching, laughing and, when he was in front of me, I said: “So now the girls attract guys this way?”. We laugh, and the hiccups I was and we started talking. Often, with my husband, we remember this story, which is ours.
  • I was in love with a classmate at the University, and one day I dreamed with her. In my dream we were making love. During one class she sat next to me and said: “Today I dreamed with you.” I replied: “And I with you.” At the end we don’t have our dreams. The scenarios were different, but the script was kind of like… we’re married, we raised our daughter. I don’t think there’s been mysticism, but, rather, the processing of the experiences daytime in a dream. Well, and an incredible coincidence.

  • When we were young, my best friend and I started the dating scene with a few guys. The relationship lasted about 3 years and then we parted ways. I remember one time we were with her in a park and, as she saw that her ex was approaching, he walked away to smoke. He, then, sat down next to me. I asked her out. A woman of approximately 50 years that passed close to us, stopped suddenly and said, pointing at me: “take care, is your destiny.” We had a great time, but we forget. Have passed 18 years. Now I’m married to this ex of my friend, and she is married to my ex-boyfriend.
  • In the university, I had two admirers who were, to each other, great friends. One day they decided to fight for me. I approached the place like a queen, and I discovered that there was a third party, who looked at me scornfully with her eyes clear and asked the guys with sarcasm: “What do I do for this?”. There was No fight because we managed to separate them. Now, the clear eyes and I are married since 5 years. And the 3 are still great friends.
  • I created my wife myself. She is the younger sister of my best friend. I know her since she was born. I remember how he wept for a broken wrist, and much rejoiced when I noticed. I knew that was his “first love” in the kindergarten and also her best friend. I helped her do homework in the primary and then in secondary school. Memorized their habits, principles and views on life. I saw my little girl grow since she was a baby, until it turned into a girl adult. We have a difference of 10 years. I love her more than my life.

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