14 Stories about those strange moments in which the work is fun

What you will always arrive late to work despite the fact that each day you try to get up earlier? What do you do to be away from the office without anyone realizing? How do you laugh a boss to be inert, which he gives orders, and orders without a murmur? There are plenty of professions and a thousand ways to deal with them day-to-day, for that reason, we all harbor memorable anecdotes that make you smile to anyone, these moments worth to be there at the right time and in the right place.

It is also true that, more often than usual, the majority of people perceive the work almost as a obligation, do not precisely quite nice.

Great.guru has collected for you 14 stories that reveal that, in reality, the job can be very fun. I read and sonriamos! 🙂

  • At work, always a shortage of pens, so I usually carry mine in the pocket of my pants. I was in the bathroom and dropped the pen out of my pocket, half out of the cockpit. Before he could stoop down, someone grabbed my pen and fled from the scene with a cry victorious.

“I was going to work late and I asked my peers I cover in front of my superiors, but it seems that exaggerated the situation a bit”.

  • When in the office the light goes out, my whole department gets together and we play “Monopoly”. Some make bets, we have a panel with the champions. The one who wins more times per quarter, it takes the prize of a box of Kinder eggs and the one who loses the most times receives a medal with the inscription “to the honorable bankruptcy”. The medal is changing owners, according to let’s playing.

  • Working as a manager at a gym. It is almost closing time and I’m boring. I decided to count the money on the counter. I pour all the coins in the cup on the table and say: “My lord, the treasury is running low!” And just at this moment came a client…

  • I am a student, I got a job in the municipal office of the city that was dedicated to cutting the trees. I was fired the first day because I started crying over an acacia tree felled, by counting its rings. I had 212 years. So am I, a lumberjack sentimental. Less not bad I went to work in a butcher shop.
  • If you want to see people really happy, then come to my job at the time that I tell patients: “you’re absolutely clean.” I assure you that you have not seen so much happiness in any other site. I am a doctor of venereal diseases.
  • When several years ago I got a job as an operator of a taxi service, often spoke at home as if you were on the job. While he slept, he dreamed of handling calls, instead of “say” might release the official handshake of the taxi, and so on. But the culminating moment came when on a bus, instead of saying, “stop at the next stop, please”, I cried out: “oh, Radio Taxi Service, good day!”
  • Working as a loan officer at a bank, and lately began to llorarme the eyes frequently and without an apparent reason. Managing a credit application, I asked the typical question in these cases: “do Your expenses on monthly bills?” The young man replied: “200-300 USD”. And then I pulled out a tissue to wipe the tears. He looked at me with compassion and said: “do Not worry, some pay even more.”
  • Work as anesthesiologist. There was an operation during which the patient woke up suddenly and said: “Boys, be careful, there I have everything so confused as in Santa Barbara.” And he fell back to sleep. The surgeons were quiet for five minutes, they didn’t know whether to laugh or beat me up for a anesthesia so strange.
  • My boss is always reasonable and has cold blood, never panics, never smiles, but also cries out. Even when all deadlines are already expired, it comes with his suit impeccable, and divides clearly the instructions. I recently asked how I got this. I answered, without emotion: “it Is because I am an artificial intelligence”. I’m pretty sure that for the first time in six years joked. Almost…

  • The habit develops in 21 days. The question is the following: why is the habit of waking up at 7 in the morning has not yet worked in me despite my 10 years of working?
  • Working as a security guard in a shopping centre. And I think that this is the best job in the world because at night you can enter in the “playground” and jump on the pool balls, which only belongs to you!
  • I have a colleague at work with whom I’ve developed a friendly relationship, but we are constantly competing, in addition, betting money. Once we bet $ 20 on who would lose a few pounds; the other bet was $ 50 on who would learn better a foreign language in a period of three months. In this way, since I lost weight, learned to make origami, I got to do a split and mastered them the Swedish to conversational level. And it is, in addition to beneficial, fun, and the motivation for money makes you not to give up.
  • Work in the police. Recently, a young man was from our department. He did his job well and was self-sufficient, but requested the floor. He explained that he could not take all the days the same clothes…

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