14 Ideas for low budget to convert your home into a whole nest of comfort

No matter how fond we are of the energies within our home, it is time that we begin to crave a change. Even if the house renovation to a large scale seems too costly or daunting, this does not mean that we should completely abandon our plans. Sometimes, a minimal effort can produce results that are really amazing.

Today in Great.guru we want to introduce you some solutions sencilas to completely transform the environment of your home and your life!

14. Lit table in the dark

Why pay large amounts for designer furniture when you can create yours with the help of glow powder and resin casting? I– beam – click here to learn how to make this table modern that shines in the darkness!

13. Headboard padded with diamonds

You can change the appearance of your room with the help of a single element: the head of your bed. In addition, you can easily make an article so fantastic with your own hands. All you have to do is follow these instructions in detail.

12. Shelves hexagonal

If you want to give your walls a new look, but you’re not in the mood to re-glue the wallpaper, it tries to add some shelves novel. Here you can learn how to make your own.

11. Base for bed Do it yourself!

If visiting furniture stores you depressed, you can always resort to create yourself your own bed. Try this site to get instructions detailed.

10. Comfortable converted into a table of television

You can easily transform your furniture beyond recognition from others and the time you can change its function. What sounds amazing right? Then look at the blog of ATTHEPARK written by Julie Park. Among other things, it tells you how to convert an old vanity into a wonderful support for the tv!

9. Frames in the bathroom

Add a small detail can make a family environment look completely different. Who would have thought that the photo frames could be useful in the bathroom also?

8. Decorating the refrigerator

A refrigerator classic can also be turned into a masterpiece of interior decoration! All you need is duct tape and gold spray paint. Take a look at how this artistic trick managed to highlight the kitchen of Ruth Eileen. (Ruth Eileen: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest).

7. Pillows eye-catching

Do you want to give a fresh look to your living room without buying new furniture? The sofa cushions in vibrant colors could accomplish the trick! To find such articles online, click here.

6. Wall decorations with mason jars

If what you want is to include a living space with more comfort, simple things like glass jars and flowers can provide a perfect solution. Query this site to know how to make such decorations.

5. Screens imaginative

You don’t have to be buying new things all the time, especially when the old items are still in excellent condition. You can transform familiar objects into something extraordinary in just half an hour. For example,so it’s like you can give new life to an old lampshade!

4. Illuminating the walls

If you are not ready to start a remodeling quite extreme of your home, but still want to give life to your environment, you can start with some wall decorations simple but striking. Here , you will learn how to make such panels.

3. Change the layout of a room

If you have thinking to divide the largest room of your house in 2 separate by placing a new wall, try to start with divisions or curtains temporary. You can find some amazing designs here.

2. Chairs with style

Do you want to give it a bit of pizzazz to your room? It is not necessary to search in designer shops when you can convert a plastic chair common into something brutally elegant!

1. Colorful walls

If you dream of walls of vibrant colors, don’t be afraid to try solutions bold prints and various. Click on this link to find detailed instructions on how to create such beauty.

What of all the ideas you are going to apply in the remodeling of your house? Do you have any other trick you want to share with all? Please leave us your answers in the comments!

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