14 Parents that would do any madness for the sake of their daughters

It would be a mistake to consider that in the rearing of the girls the biggest role I play only mothers. The father is the most important man in the life of any girl, and built relationships properly between him and his daughter are the key to a happy childhood and carefree. Therefore, it is impossible not to admire those men that make every effort to ensure that their daughters live in a fairy tale.

Great.guru has gathered together 14 men, that they may receive the prize of the “father of the year” every day. Sure, these beautiful girls responded “dad” to the question “who are you the daughter?”.

1. “My god, my heart can’t take it. The father of the year just hand out to all the passengers of the plane some candy for her three years old daughter to collect candy for Halloween”

2. A father built a tree in the bedroom of your little princess, and it turned out fantastic

3. “Every month, my husband invited out to our daughter. He comes home with flowers, helps choose his clothes, get ready, and then take it to some place to eat a dessert. It is becoming a tradition”

4. “When my little girl accompanies me to camping, to me, is the best time of fatherhood”

5. “Dad took me to school on the first day of classes, and today, on my last day, is once again at my side”

6. “Dad asked for permission to leave their work to give flowers to my sister while I was in school”

7. “If you’re not going to be a father so great for my future children, I don’t even want to know your name”

8. “My daughter and I are ready to return to scare all the neighborhood during Halloween”

9. “Yes, I am crying after seeing my father with a tuxedo. Decided that I should not go to the prom without a partner.”

10. “This way, my dad took me to the first grade. He did the same thing my last day of school”

11. It seems that, finally, we found the suit of the true “father of the year”

12. “My sister had an ’incident’ in the kindergarten, so my father decided to come look for you in a way that didn’t feel so uncomfortable”

13. “My dad works a lot, that’s why he could not take me to the prom or take a couple of traditional shots with me. So today I dressed to party again. Don’t h you!”

14. A father built a track of obstacles to make her feel her daughter like a real ninja

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