14 People who have become embroidery on a new form of art

Often we associate the embroidery with the medieval women who spent their days doing work waiting for a prince, or with the craft classes of the school. But there are masterpieces that show us that this is an art, and really modern. Each one of them is a piece of art that is intended to decorate, brighten up, or remember the best moments of the life. It is impossible not to fall in love with embroidery when you invest in him the inspiration to spare and love to what you do.

Great.guru invites you to admire together the wonders crafted with thread, needles and a few drops of magic.

1. Lera Petunina

2. Fistashka Art

3. Katerina Marchenko

4. Taisiya Kovali

5. Sheena Liam

6. Kell Ryan

7. Emillie Ferris

8. Kimber

9. Elena Moart

10. Lisa Smirnova

11. The Monsters Lounge Embroidery

12. Chloe Jo

13. Stitchwhat

14. Shimunia

And so we see the works embroidered by Lisa

What about you, do you know embroidery?

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