14 fashion pieces that favor to any woman regardless of their age

Despite the stereotypes, the current fashion is not designed only for the beautiful models twenty year old girls. All have the right to enjoy it, and there are numerous items of clothing, easy to find in the shops of the shopping centers, which will be well regardless of age.

That’s whyGreat.guru found for you 14 tests to go to the fashion thing of all: we only have to combine with tasteful garments with style!


With 20, 30 and 40 years, the jackets impregnate elegance to any woman. The fashion offers not only models strict to go to the office, but also clothing with an original cut that can be combined easily with jeans and sports shoes.

Cloaks and ponchos

The coats, long sweaters and stockings, and the ponchos, they are an indispensable part to create sets of capsule. These garments are tailored to fit any image (business, romantic, daily) and also will bring much style to any woman.

Shirts classic

Give freshness to your image. The dress of a woman of 40 or more years will be more youthful. But they also are great to the girls of 20. You can combine the shirts with different garments. Models strict would be more appropriate for an image of a business woman, while an informal version of colors is more than adequate for shopping or enjoy a day out with your friends.

Plaid shirts

The plaid shirts look youthful and stylish women of all ages. In addition, they have a wide palette of colors, so I create an image daily you will be easy.

Shirts under sweaters and sweatshirts

Do you still think that this option only looks good on young people up to 30 years? Modern women are turning to the trends that were once considered typical of youth, and even of the students. A sweatshirt, in addition to being a garment comfortable and stylish, you can favor those that have more than 40 or 50 years.


The hats fine and elegant, are difficult to combine with other things. But if you carry out a proper selection of your clothing, will provide your image a special charm and will attract attention to you. The age, in this case, it doesn’t matter.

Denim jackets

The denim jackets will never go out of style despite the changing trends year after year. Are great, both with garments day-to-day, as conjoined with a dress. In addition, this type of clothing makes the picture of women over 40 more relaxed. No one will pay attention to the age!

Suits with pants

Today, a suit with pants has become a style standardized. With a correct combination, this dress will not increase the age of the young people and will make the image of the older, more elegant and relaxed.

Scarves with prints

Properly chosen, a scarf can become a good complement to accentuate the colors in any image. Prints alive (but not “shrill”) are ideal for any age, adding to the dress the final touch.

White pants

With a top right, the white pants is a comfortable option between the garments. Make the figure of a woman more cool, regardless of the years of the model. Attract attention and are ideal at any age.

Dress with belt

Not all women over the age of 40 years, are willing to wear tight dresses. But that doesn’t mean that you will not be able to reject the loose clothing! Dresses with a belt enfantizan the waist and hide flaws when you do not like something of your figure.

Classic wrap

Currently, these jackets have reached the peak of his popularity, they combine perfectly, not only with boots cane low, but with sneakers and ballerinas. Women with more than 40 years, with these wraps look younger, because they bring a spark special to the image. To the young, this type of coats tend to fit well in most of the cases.

T-shirts with neckline interlaced

This garment is of the latest trend of 2017 has a lot to bring to any woman. The most important thing: choose the colour of the t-shirt that blends well with your skin tone and the bottom that goes with it.

Dress shirttail

At first sight, everyone would think you are only intended to look the younger. But this trend of 2017 is good at any age, provided that you choose the model and length appropriate for you favor.

Tell us in the comments which style, in your opinion, is universal at any age.

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