15 Friends unusual but immensely lovable, captured by the camera

Many studies have shown that animals can form bonds of friendship with members of other species, and these bonds can last a lifetime. We can even say that some form connections even stronger than the same human.

Us, Great.guru, we are fully in agreement with these studies, and we found some pictures that prove that the friendships unlikely can be immensely wonderful. You’ll also have a surprise bonus at the end of the article that is quite tender.

1. A seal and a penguin giving a hug

2. A capybara and some monkeys enjoying their company

3. This dog pitbull, in reality, she raised this chicken

4. This calf and cat are really in love

5. A dog and a few parrots. The perfect harmony

6. This cheetah and this dog grew up together

7. A skunk and a cat that look adorable together

8. This elephant and this dog don’t mind the size difference, they are really good friends

9. This German shepherd albino and this bunny are best friends

10. A cat and a dog. Who says you can’t live together and love one another a lot?

11. A dog and a duck that they love to nap together

12. A baby elephant playing with ducks

13. ¡Another cat and another dog that want to break with those rules crazy!

14. A calf that adores his friend pig

15. This cat does not bother you for nothing

Bonus: Elton John and Eminem have been good friends for a long time

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