15 Apps that can make you more productive

Most of us know what it is, the addiction to smartphones. The scientists showed that our productivity decreases due to the loss of time that we cause our devices, both during work and during our free time. But these applications that you will be introduced below can help you to get rid of that addiction and I use the time wisely!

Great.guru met this 15 apps that you definitely want to install in your smart phone.

15. CloudCal (calendar application)

Look at the hours you have free, in an instant.

Codes for colors your calendars and increases your productivity.

Birthday, exercises, dinner, meetings, shopping.

You can never have enough agendas to correctly plan all our appointments, isn’t it? Each and every one of us search for the most convenient option to resolve this problem. CloudCal is a calendar app that simplifies and combines the programming of your calendars from Google and Outlook in a single application, which gives you a view simple of all your most important events from Facebook, Evernote, Trello, Meetup, even Eventbrite.

14. TeamViewer


Control your computer the easy way.

This application is the most popular service to check your mobile devices at a distance. Do you have a conference at a distance, or you could not get to work on time for some reason? Or there is something wrong in your computer? No problem! Just install the TeamViewer app and your friend or specialist IT will be able to fix it remotely.

13. GoogleKeep

Capture your thoughts in any format.

It is designed to create notes. There is No way to forget anything with this application. GoogleKeep has a number of advantages: you can add hashtags, which means no more lost or forgotten passwords, dictate notes on the fly, sort notes by color, adding scanned text and even share them with colleagues and family.

12. Headspace

Guided meditation

for all


Daily exercises of meditation and mindfulness

Day 4

How many times have you wanted to start meditating for at least 10 minutes a day? This app will help you to reach finally your aim is to obtain inner peace. A smart phone and headphones are all you need. Meditate before going to bed and even while traveling. Headspace guides you through cartoons, videos, and audio. It is highly recommended!

11. Pocket

Save the things you want to look at or read later in one place.

Customize your own experience of bella reading.

If you constantly find interesting articles but then lose them, this app is for you. Save your favorite articles “for later”. Pocket is a file in which you can save materials to read. Put a label, for example, #science and quickly find the necessary item.

10. Brain.fm

The generated music made for the brain

Music designed for your brain

Selects a mental state to achieve

This is an application where users can find music for work, sleep or meditate. The melodies help to concentrate on work, to relax or to immerse themselves quickly in the dream. I just install it and catches the wave perfectly!

9. Trello

Trello is the tool that allows you to organize everything.

This is a very popular project management systems on-line. It is very popular among small and new businesses. Allows you to effectively organize your work methodology under the japanese boards Kanban: sorts the tasks by the degree of their implementation: to do, doing, done.

8. Coach.I

Choose your goal.

Follow your progress

Get your rewards.

Do not procrastinate the things to tomorrow; implements your plans today with a Coach.I app. Through this application, the achievement of objectives may be perceived as a game. Just add your goal to the list and the application will remind you of it every day .

7. Dropbox

Share large files with ease, including photos and videos.

Save time and easily access your recent files.

How many times have you lost documents and photos because they are broke or they stole your laptop? Dropbox is a cloud storage that is created to store files. Now it is possible to have all your files at hand at any time.

6. Flipboard

See everything you like in one place.

Choose some content to start with.

This program is necessary for those who open more than 5 apps in the morning to see the news and developments of friends on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Flipboard is an application that receives updates from all connected social networks.

5. Forest: stay focused

This app will help you to focus on the work and make your productivity grow a “forest” virtual. If you need to concentrate for a certain period, you set up the timer for a period that can go from 30 to 120 minutes, and that way you plant a tree. If you leave the app before the set time, or switch to some other program, the tree “dies”. Before exiting, the application specifies whether the user really wants to “kill this small and beautiful tree”. If desired, you can plant an entire forest. For every tree that the user plant, receives virtual coins, which you can change in the program for the new types of trees. Your achievements can be shared with friends on different social platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

4. Lumosity: games for the brain

This is an application that will help develop the mental capabilities of a person. Select an individual program of “entrenamento” for each person based on parameters of memory, attention, speed, flexibility and resolution of problems. Lumosity creates a program that requires that you train several days a week.

3. Remindo








Don’t forget the small things! Remindo will help you to keep you updated. Here you can group the tasks by lists: birthdays, business meetings, shopping lists, and even the release dates of the latest movies and favorite tv programs. You can create lists and say bye-bye to the stress of looking each one of them.

2. Sleep Cycle: sleep cycle

Alarms average a regular basis, your task, but completely ignoring the physiological aspects of sleep. Sleep Cycle is an app that has a smart watch developed on the basis of a scientific approach and studies on the phases of sleep. This application takes care of the nerve cells and makes it easier and faster to wake up.

1. IFTTT (supplier of services for custom link application)

18 small apps for android ,

Get the weather forecast every day at 7:00 am

IFTTT puts your social networks to work for you

Never more tuitees a link instead of an image

IFTTT means “if this, then that”. This application will permte associate 2 different programs on your phone: one necessarily will be the primary and the other will be the subordinate. For example, you can configure the automatic upload of new photos to your e-mail, or set up an alert meteorlógica.

Have you tried any of these apps lately? Please share your experience and tell us what are your favorite applications!

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