15 Articles very useful for the that any girl will appreciate

Each representative of the female gender on a daily basis has to face different problems related to the beauty: if you popped a pimple on the face, the pretty shoes that hurt non-stop, a mess in the bag, the powder favorite broke down, and a bra strap that you want to appear in the cut of the garment.

But it turns out that, for all these problems, since already a long time ago were made-up solutions and you’ll find when reading this article. And, according to the tradition, you expect a little bonus at the end.

Great.guru made a small list of devices beneficial that possibly will be of use to any girl.

1. Flashlight to the bag

It is no secret that even in a bag, female relatively small, it can hide a multitude of different trifles. But there is a problem, how do we find them without pulling all the content? Especially for these cases, it was invented a flashlight that does not occupy much place and it turns on automatically when you open the bag. Here you can buy.

2. Organizer bag

The best method to avoid a long search for something that you need, is to liquidate the mess. In this will help an organizer for the purse, which you can find here.

3. Tape for fixing clothes

This tape is a real magic wand, especially for the girls with a large scoop neck. The tape is attached securely to the clothing in the area of the neckline, this will help you to hide the bra straps and even repair the small damage of the tissue. Here you can buy.

4. A spray that saves the feet from irritation

Unfortunately, the majority of girls are facing this problem, especially in the summer. Normally, they have to use band-aids and other tricks popular, for example, place wax inside of the shoes. But now there is a new method: a spray that creates an invisible barrier between the sole and the shoes. The active component lasts for 6 hours after you apply it, furthermore, it is easily removed with water. You can buy it here.

5. Running shoes portable

This is the best decision for those who plan to go travel or to change their high heels for something more comfortable at the end of a night of partying. The “shoes” portable you can get here, by the way, there are 8 different colors.

6. Mirror with lighting

A mirror with lighting is not a new article, but this model has a peculiarity beneficial, since you can choose the type of lighting: daytime, evening, office or home-mode. Here you can buy the mirror.

7. Patches that eliminate pimples in just one night

It is a situation known when the face appears with a huge grain. As always, this happens at a time most inappropriate. For this, we are accustomed to using methods such as applying toothpaste or deodorant stick on the problem area, which does not always work.

Another method is to begin to squeeze tightly to the “enemy,” which creates many problems later on. Instead of this, why not test patches special that literally removes the grain in one night? You can purchase these patches miraculous here.

8. Mitten to clean brushes cosmetic

Brushes cosmetic should be washed at least once a week to prevent breakouts on the face or other problems. This mitten will help you to wash them a little faster than using just soap. Here you can buy.

9. Machine for washing brushes cosmetic

But if you want to make the process of cleaning brushes even faster, then check out this device that will do it for you. You only have to put on him the brush and prepare a little water with soap. Here you can buy it.

10. Mini spatula to remove the remains of cosmetics packaging

Sometimes, in the bottom of the bottle is enough product and, of course, it is difficult to throw, especially if you try your cosmetics expensive. You can try to extract the remains with the help of objects which are to hand, but it is best to use a spatula specially designed to easily solve this task. Here you can purchase such a knife.

11. An object that helps to fasten a bracelet

With this device you no longer need to spend time to try to fasten an accessory or ask for help to other people. You can buy it here.

12. A cloth to remove the makeup without special cosmetics

The bloggers of the cosmetics claim that this napkin actually works, even without any additional products, only have to get wet. Even removes waterproof make up. It is very comfortable when you’re tired and you don’t have the strength to devote to the cleaning of the face. Here are selling this accessory.

13. Massager jade for the face

This is another device that will praise some beauty products cosmetic: massager for the face of jade natural, and you can also find other materials. Here you can buy it.

14. A towel with which the hair dries 2 times faster

This towel will be perfect for those girls who for some reason avoid using the dryer. The towel absorbs the water of an intense way, and, as stated by the producers, it does not hurt to the hair. You can compare this here.

15. A set to recover the shadows, flushes or compact powder broken

Any girl that uses makeup, at least once in life, has suffered a small disaster when your shadow favourite fell to the ground and shattered into millions of pieces. But it is not difficult to correct such a situation, in addition, this can be done with the help of things you have on hand, and isopropyl alcohol. But this method has a small disadvantage, you will have to wait 24 hours while the cosmetic is dry, and they will not look aesthetically as well as before.

Fortunately, there is a special set to recover the products of makeup, as it features a strainer, a spray fixative and a compressor thanks. Your shadows or blush will look like new and can be used immediately, without waiting 24 hours. Here you can get this set.

Bonus: as well producing the powder compact in the 1950’s

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