15 Comics for an artist who sees the world through “glasses creative”

The fun and truthful to the comics of this artist who publishes under the pseudonym of comicada are not only able to dispel the sadness of the autumn, but also show the world from a point of view accessible only to the creative people that exploit fantasy.

Great.guru managed to find himself on the drawings of this artist, and even more of one! What of them you consider the most fun?

Autumnal mood

Prince and reality

This is a monogamous relationship

Hugs that you need in the morning

Life under the water

The bread of each day

A true catwoman

A hero that we don’t know

I can not stand when this happens

Condiment special

Forbidden to resist

The truth always comes to light

A fashion ruthless

Journey with an artist

Sometimes it is simply nice to immerse yourself in the fantasy…

What do you already “calentaste” your mood this autumn? Don’t forget to share your preferred methods in the comments!

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