15 Things that make all dog owners

If you have a dog, then you are definitely a lucky person. Tons of hair, outdoor games, walks and difficult issues of parenting are only a part of the exciting daily adventures that you will live together with him.

Great.guru has drawn 15 comics for you, in which they reflect things that usually make the owners of dogs. Welcome to the club of lovers of puppies!

1. You’re always happy to give you something delicious

2. You choose the flavor of food canine that you like

3. It you try to increase your joy!

4. A part of your four-legged friend is always with you

5. You worry a lot when your pet is sick

6. You want your dog to make friends

7. Invent constantly new routes for walking, so that he will not be bored

8. You say “Cheers!” when you sneeze

9. You change your methods of parenting

10. What you miss when you travel

11. You decide not to feed it at the table, but time and time again let me try your food

12. Do you think that is the culprit of all the weird sounds

13. You think that you have the best dog in the world

14. The walks are an indispensable part in the life of all dogs, regardless of the cataclysms that occur outside

15. Expressing the love that you feel for one another

If you recognise any of these images, don’t worry, you are not alone! In Great.guru also love wildly to our four-legged friends. They inspire us!

Ilustradura Xenia Shalagina for Great.guru

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