15 curious facts that will change your vision of the world

The world is full of curiosities and very surprising. For example, did you know that Napoleon was attacked by a few wild rabbits? And what do you think of a dog mayor of a city? This information not only will add points to your scholarship, but also you’ll have fun a lot.

Great.guru has prepared for you 15 trivia that will make you see the world with other eyes.

15. Napoleon was attacked by rabbits

In 1807, Napoleon decided to celebrate the conclusion of the treaty of the peace of Tilsit with a hunt imperial. In charge of organizing the event received instructions to buy wild rabbits. It was supposed that hunting was an entertainment for the court, but the animals behaved in a very strange way. When it rang the horn, announcing the beginning of the event, the small creatures formed a large ball of grey and was launched into the attack, instead of flee from the man with the shotgun.

A thousand brave rabbits attacked the subject the most formidable of Europe. The generals, marshals, and guards rushed to defend their commander, but all the attempts were in vain. Then a funny thing happened: the emperor was frightened and fled.

Perhaps we can understand the cause of their fear. Just look at the face of this rabbit: clearly has intentions of doing something bad.

14. Spider-vegetarian

Throughout the world there are about 40 thousand species of spiders that feed on insects and other living beings. But in Central America we found a vegetarian of eight legs called Bagheera kiplingi. This is the first species known to mankind that feeds mainly on plants.

13. The names of the Pokémon “Heathmont” and “Hitman” are based on Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan

The heroes of action movies and adventure have become the prototypes for the creation of these characters. It is strange that many do not pay attention to the consonance of the names of the Pokémon with the actors.

12. Paraskavedekatriaphobia: Fear of Friday the 13th

This word was introduced by Dr. Donald Dossi, founder of the Stress Management Center and the Institute of Phobias in the united States. He told his patients that when they had to learn to pronounce this word, you will overcome your fears. It is unlikely that modern scholars adopted this strange method to combat the fear.

11. The LEGO Group: the largest manufacturer of tires in the world

The company produces more than 300 million units a year. No company production of wheels in the world exceeds the result of LEGO. But there is one detail: produce small tires for cars and trucks toy, and they can barely compete with giant companies such as Michelin and Goodyear.

10. The chainsaw was invented to help in the delivery

In 1830, the physiologist Bernard Hine invented the first surgical instrument for dissection of bone, in which used a chain to cut it. The chain saw is used specially in the sinfisiotomía (an alternative to c-section). The main elements of the tool were created in the late NINETEENTH century, and it is only since 1920 began to actively use the gasoline engine. Currently, the chainsaw, depending on the application, divided into amateurs and professionals.

9. A dog, nicknamed “Bosco”, was mayor of Sunol for 10 years

Bosco, a mix of labrador and rottweiler, was elected mayor of the small town of Sunol (California). Served in the position from 1981 until his death in 1994. Some newspapers wrote that he was a failure of the electoral system of EE. UU., but the residents of Sunol argued that this was done by trying to make a joke. The monument of Bosco was installed in 2008.

8. The eyes of the ostrich are bigger than its brain

Your eyeballs are so large that only a brain the size of a walnut could feel comfortable in a skull of that type. The brain mass of the bird is more than 2 times less than in their eyes.

7. Anatidaefobia: Fear that, at any time, you are looking at a duck

This term was invented by the us artist Gary Larson when he drew a caricature for the comic “The Far Side”. It is composed by the words anatidae (duck) and phobia (phobia). For his work, Larson was inducted into the National Society of Cartoonists.

6. The comic “Donald Duck” is banned in Finland because he doesn’t wear pants

The comic with the duck most famous of the world was launched in Finland in 1951. But in 1977, the Commission of Youth Affairs decided to stop selling them. In the debate on this matter, half in joke, half in earnest, stated that this character was not suitable for young people, because not even wearing pants.

5. In France there is the marriage post-mortem

In France, it is legal marriage in which one spouse is a deceased person. Practiced similar varieties of commitments in China, and the Sudan. Since the beginning of the TWENTIETH century, in France, we have received dozens of such permit applications each year, and many of them have been approved.

4. For 60 years, in Iceland, was banned from having dogs

The ban was issued in 1924, after it was discovered that the dogs are carriers of echinococcosis (tapeworms). This type of parasite is especially dangerous because it can cause intestinal infections and severe blindness. In 1984, the ban was lifted, but 60 years later, cats became the favorite pet of that country.

3. In England carries out an annual inventory of swans

Each year it carries out the inventory of traditional swans on the Thames. By tradition, all belong to the monarch of Great Britain. In charge of the census, sail along the river in boats, catching and anillando to the swans. In 2009, Elizabeth II was personally present in this procedure.

2. The scottish language has 421 synonyms for the word “snow”

The scientists from the University of Glasgow have been recorded 421 synonyms for the word “snow”. A surprising fact that shows the gift of word that have the scots. Have expressions such as snaw-pouther (beautiful snow), flindrikin (rain, snow) and spitters by (small flakes of snow falling).

1. Cats have 4 toes on the hind feet and 5 on the front

The fifth toe on the front legs, is designed for greater toughness. Even those who do not have a cat you know how easily they climb the curtains, or trees. But there is a pad more in the extremities of forward that the cats used to leave your scent in the place where they have been. This is one of the ways that uitlizan to mark their territory.

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