15 Devices very useful, designed to make your life much easier

Each year, thousands of inventions are registered in the EE. UU. through a simple process, but only some of them end up on the shelves of large stores. However, we consider that some of these creations should be sold everywhere as soon as you can!

In Great.guru we’ve made a collection of gadgets that can help you to work, cook, take care of your pets and, more importantly, to manage your time while doing your daily tasks. We can’t wait to buy some of these inventions!

1. A shopping cart with calculator

2. Slippers LED that prevent you hit the finger little finger

3. A guide for measuring portions when you prepare spaghetti

4. This alarm clock prepare your coffee just wake up

5. The bread crumbs are a good food for the birds

6. An “office” in an airport with connection to the Internet

7. This belt-metro will help you take real control of your actions

8. A coconut with a ring of tin to open it. Isn’t it a brilliant idea?

9. You can use this bulb in credit card format at any place and time

10. Don’t let your dog get wet in the rain, you get a Dogbrella: a special umbrellas for dogs

11. Technology for those who do not have self-control

12. This phone device will get you your conversations are completely private

13. Hooks that will help you choose what you want to use every day



14. Press the green button to disinfect the seat of your toilet

15. These traffic lights are synchronized to show you how much time you have to wait in seconds

Which of these inventions you parececió more great? Please, tell us in the comments your opinions about them!

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