15 Examples of design that make explode your brain with his genius

Often we are annoyed by the trivial day-to-day: tangled cables of load devices, park benches, dirty or broken or a water slide wet after the rain in the playground. But among us there are inventors who do not lament the problems but found the solution, and now, for the phone and the tablet, there is a special drawer, a slide that is fun for children regardless of the time, and a bank that not even the Hulk could break. We do not know the names of the creators, but this does not prevent us to admire your ingenuity and imagination. Look at yourself.

Great.guru compiled the gadgets to be great, each one of which makes life a little easier and more convenient.

1. Slide with rollers in Osaka, Japan

2. Drawer for charging electronic devices

3. The creators took into account the distribution of the weight of the products inside the box and placed the handle closer to one of the edges

4. When you can’t choose one of the two drinks, you can buy both

5. The bank in front of many phenomena that are undesirable: sleeping on the street, dirt, skateboard, graffiti, theft, etc

6. Pillbox and a bottle of water combined in one

7. This electronic lock toggles constantly the numbers so that the code can not be identified by fingerprints

8. In the mesh fence of the airport there is a special aperture for the camera lenses

9. The windows of the Boeing 787 are made of smart glass which can darken at the press of a button

10. Jug with a hole for ice: inside the beverage cool without aguarse

11. Bank with USB port

12. Gloves for washing dishes without a sponge

13. Label with instructions for survival in the backpack of hiking

Emergency in the mountains: issues 6 alarm signals per minute, then pause for a minute, and repeat. Uses cries, whistles, mirrors, camera flash, torch, flag, shots. Signals to aircraft: “we Need help”, “don’t you land, we don’t need help”.

14. Spoon that falls to the plate

15. These are the traffic lights of Vienna

What of the cool designs I was impressed with the most?

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