15 Errors of the thirties, which can make life more difficult after 40

When we have 20 years, we sincerely believe that when you get to 30 we will become the “adult truth”. We 30 and we are already prepared to match their imaginations with the French writer André Maurois, who described the period between 30 and 40 years as adolescence is more difficult. We are young, we are full of vitality and energy, ready to change the world. But also, likely to commit a lot of mistakes.

In Great.guru decided to remember our experience (and also that of the other, while with the other it is more difficult to learn) to gather 15 mistakes that it is better not to commit to 30 years in order to avoid later ask, “why did I make that?”. And don’t say I didn’t warn you!

1. Change abruptly something in life. And better still, all and full

There is a category of people who, still in his youth, established a plan of actions under the premise of “before 30”. Get married, have a child, a career, buy a home… And if something didn’t go as planned, fix it right away. For example, drag to a Civil Registration office of a man she barely just met, and to spend a couple of years, realize that it is not the protagonist of your novel. And you already have children, by the way.

  • All of these plans live only in your head. You do not owe anything to anyone. There is no tic tac on the clock, nor that “everyone already has it”. Kim Kardashian confessed with honesty that it was the thought of “Wow, I’m 30 years old! It is better that I marry” the reason of her marriage to basketball player Kris Humphries. To spend 72 days, the couple split.

2. Spend weekends on the couch with junk food and watching tv series

There is nothing wrong with flopping on a sofa doing nothing in your free time. No matter if you’re a physical work hard or spend 40 hours a week sitting in the office. But if this way spend all of your free time and weekends, it is a reason to reflect on your health and morale.

  • The specialist in management of leisure and author of the book What makes people successful with your free time?, Laura Vanderkam advises to plan the week-end from Monday, carry out some chores days before and to find time to practice sport and meet up with friends in your free days.

3. After the emotional impulse, make a ridiculous tattoo

Tattoos are works of art. Are you really sure that you want to make one with a meme stupid Internet or with the name of your partner in the most visible of your body? And what happens if they separate? Of course, you can add “dumb” to the name of “John”, but neither is it a good idea.

  • Once it became fashionable to get tattoos of butterflies in the lumbar area. Then, this ended up being considered vulgar. Later, they were trend the large tattoos on the hips. Who knows what will happen tomorrow? If you decide to take this step, it reflects so that it is balanced and thoughtful. A drawing in the body should complement your personality and not look like a mistake of youth.

4. Begin to “fix” the face and the body for fear of the impending old age

When you see a small wrinkle in the front, you panic and sollozas on the shoulder of a beautician. Lifting, peeling, laser resurfacing, injections of hyaluronic acid and botulinum toxin. Is more: you’re willing to take to even visit a plastic surgeon because your chest is not the same as when you were 20 years old.

  • Your body can and should care: nourish, hydrate, apply sunscreen. But the fanaticism with this subject can, with the passage of years, become a doll with a face devoid of emotions, as well as damage your health. Do you really need?

5. Or, on the contrary, play with obstinacy the role of a teenager

Not always will sell you alcohol without asking for your identity document, you love cartoons, fantasy books and computer games, you’re wearing a t-shirt with Deadpool, but you are scared of words like “responsibility” and “family”, they burn as if it were fire. Congratulations, you are a typical kidult (kid: “baby”; adult: “adult”), a person who refuses to grow up.

  • There is a film very didactic, Laggies, with Keira Knightley. The protagonist is having fun in the company of teenagers, fleeing, literally, of their problems. And just to take responsibility for their decisions, found herself and her happiness.

6. Leave of study (the school and the university are part of the past)

In the youth, often, you imagine the following: as soon as you get the coveted title, it’s over, there will be no more studies. You’ll be able to relax and enjoy a well-deserved rest. By the way, many do, fulfilling the same responsibilities working for decades without adapting to new times. And at some point, just out of the market.

  • We live in the era of information explosion. Every day happens something new in the world. If the water in the pond stops moving, begins to bloom and is covered in mud. The same thing happens to the human brain if it is not kept in good shape and do not expand their horizons. It is equally beneficial to teach something to someone else: this way you will remember and understand better each day matter.

7. Completely change your clothes, removing the clothing that is supposedly not according to your age

“30 years is not an age to experience it”, you decide and them give it to your younger sisters daring mini-skirts, a leather jacket and a tonic for the hair color turquoise. In your place, you change your entire wardrobe basic for 13 items, of which 10 are black and white. Now just you put that.

  • Maybe someone has told you are not beautiful enough, slim and young for such attire and you ate it all at the foot of the letter. But now is the best time to make bold decisions and carry garments eye-catching. But, please, don’t get all of that at once.

8. Go to the job that you hate with all your heart

Yes, even if you are not a Lannister, also you always pay your debts. However, this is not an excuse to take years to go to a hateful job and some day, not precisely the most beautiful, wake up with the idea that each week you spend 40 hours of your life in hell.

  • As we penetrate before in that the ideal job does not exist, but if you just think in the Monday appears a tic, you need to redirect the situation with urgency. And it is better to do it now, when you’re young, full of energy, it is the time because you’re ready to face the changes.

9. Spend all the money on things instead of experiences

Shopping malls insatiable, daily, await with anxiety to you and your wallet. We buy things to feel better. For a while, we noticed that we do well, but we quickly got used to them.

  • Thomas Gilovich, professor of psychology at Cornell University, points out that the habit is the worst enemy of happiness. Instead of buying a new iPhone, he suggests that you get your serving of joy spending money on new experiences: visit an interesting event, or take the risk of jumping with a parachute.

10. Spend hours, and even days, browsing the social networks

Publish 5 stories with the ears of rabbits. Review the publications of all your 456 friends, most of whom do not even know. Take a look at a couple of episodes of a new reality show. Give “likes” to postings on Facebook and Instagram. In addition, to all, indiscriminately. And outside, it was dark.

  • Do what you do brings benefits, it brings you to a better life, makes you more happy? If the answer is no, then this is a good opportunity to get to information diet. The social networks you snatch up your strength of mind. Use them to get profit: you have given Me like some of your friends, invite them to the bowling alley. Or play a game of football.

11. Pursue the prestige and splurge to show off your social status

It seems that the society requires you to give samples of your status as a person prestigious. And you do everything possible for it. The latest model of the phone, the car more powerful and if you are going on holiday, only to exotic countries. Although, in reality, you will die of desire to spend time in the village.

  • One can and should pamper yourself. But don’t forget to compare the debit with the credit, do not give in to false temptations of an expensive lifestyle, and don’t buy just to impress someone. End up deeply in debt is not the best solution.

12. Get carried away by bad habits

“Did you bring the food in containers to work? It is better, I bought a hamburger in the restaurant next door! Do take a walk in the park or go to the pool? It has been a very hard day! Best, a couple of cans of beer in front of the tv. Do I go to bed early? A triple espresso and a cigarette in the morning will fix everything!”.

  • At 30 years of age, you are full of strength and energy and you do not realize how the bad habits undermine gradually your health. For that, when you get to 40, up to the fifth floor without elevator does not turn into a real challenge for you, try to limit the number of bad habits in your life.

13. Do not create a cushion of economic security

You are young and enjoy good health, have a regular income, and tomorrow you’re not concerned at all. Optimism shines, as a great quality, but imagine that for some reason you can’t work for several months. Do you get to keep your life-style to the usual level?

  • You do not encourage you to be paranoid and have a fear of a future blur, but a bit of realism is healthy will not do you any wrong. The sources of passive income, health insurance and life and pension plans: for very boring and unnecessary that it sounds all that with 30 years, a day can save you from a fiasco economy.

14. Lose the nerves with nonsense

On a bus full of people, someone stepped on your new shoes as white as the snow, at home again to stop running the hot water and at night, taking your infusion before you go to bed, suddenly remembered how you had asked your parents for a bike as a child, that you never bought. And you’re already willing to serve you anything stronger than an infusion, because your days are too hard and full of challenges.

  • Our life consists of many events different. If you focus only the bad, you can go crazy. If something unpleasant has happened to you, try to remember immediately something good. And yes, you are already old enough to still contain it in you your grudges and regrets of childhood.

15. Do something brave, daring and a little crazy

When you were a child, stole apricots green to your wicked neighbor; in your youth, you climbed up to the window for a romantic date; and to the prom in the school came with a few stiletto heels so high that you felt like a yacht during a storm about to capsize. Well, and now you are too old for these nonsense.

  • We are young while we are able to marvel at life. And, in addition, surprised and cheered to ourselves. Try to make something completely unexpected from time to time. Alone, a trip to another country, to conquer the top of a mountain, to confess first your feelings. Yes, even buy yourself that bike that you were dreaming of in childhood. And what happens if you have 30 years? ¡The time has come!

To your judgment, which of these common mistakes that are made the young people of 30 years ago? Perhaps you have something to add to our list or you do not agree with some of these points? We are very interested in knowing your opinion.

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