15 Evidence that each plastic bottle waste can become a death sentence for the animals

Currently, humanity produces about 300 million tons of plastic annually, half of which is disposable (bags, packaging of articles and products, among others). Only recycles 10% of it, and the rest goes to landfills and rivers. As showed by a recent investigation, a total of 10 lakes (2 from Africa and 8 from Asia), accumulates to 90 % of all the plastic goes into the oceans. The extent of that contamination really is terrifying, and many of them even can not imagine how much.

Great.guru collected 16 photographs will show better than words how we pollute our planet. To say that we were surprised with these images is to speak little. And after you watch the video of bono, surely you’ll run out of words.

1. During the past 10 years, we produced more plastic than in the entire TWENTIETH century

2. This albatross died because of the plastic consumed, thinking it was food

3. This turtle was trapped in this piece of plastic at an early age

4. And this poor man was stuck in the remains of a pot of plastic

5. You can’t envy the turtles at all

6. A stork is tangled in a plastic bag

7. This duck is caught

8. A bird that has made its nest with trash

9. The beaches are so contaminated that, for many animals, the plastic becomes your home

10. The fish became entangled in the label of a bottle

11. These microplásticos get into the inside of the fish, which after we eat

12. Look at how much plastic unnecessary spending supermarkets

13. A beach in the Philippines

14. How it feels to swim here?

15. Surf in Indonesia

Bonus: a diver british recorded a video shocking as it swam in a sea of garbage on the coast of a resort indonesian Bali

There are also other photographs of the effect of frightening the plastic in the animal world, but for ethical reasons we decided not to include them in this collection. We expect humanity to reach to live up to that moment when all the plastic produced is recycled.

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