15 Photos of everyday things that left us a little perplexed

What of extraordinary would have in a pope? And then… whoosh! It turns out that there are up to color violet living and, in addition, you can find up to 4,000 varieties of potatoes which do not seem in anything to the potatoes. We are convinced that we do not know everything about the clouds, hedgehogs and ladybirds.

Great.guru compiled the images where all things and phenomena that are familiar to us are seen under a new, different and surprising light. At the end of the article, I expected a bonus: at last you will discover what are the holes in the jeans.

Yes, yes, a ladybug, but in its infancy

Potatoes peruvian Vitelotte. In Peru, there are up to 4,000 varieties of potatoes like these

The roots of the tree, repeat the curves of the tile of the sidewalk

Ice crystals, simply extraordinary

The hedgehog Nelson lost all his quills. Now every day you receive a massage with an oil of healing

Dermographism: skin is red and swollen, reacting to any touch usual, and it is even possible to write about it

In the far East: lenticular clouds

The “Gioconda”, of coils with wires

A field of cranberries in Richmond, Canada

Pig curly coat, purebred mangalica Hungarian

The pizza is just pizza. Only that… with the scorpions

The bee blue shipwright

Eucalyptus Rainbow-bark multicolor

A grape with giraffe

Sheet a large bottle

Bonus: For this serve the holes in the jeans!

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