15 Facts about the midriffs that they check that are a part of the body very intriguing

Did you know that the dirt that form in the navel can be so much that many people have come to confuse it with skin cancer? Or that, contrary to what all believe, not all mammals have belly button? The navel is a body part very intriguing, very often is neglected by the majority, and however it is considered sometimes as an object of fetish. However, it is a birth mark that reminds us of our origins.

Get ready for asombrarte while Great.guru showing you 15 facts about the belly button that you probably didn’t know. And don’t miss the bonus at the end of the article!

1. Curiously, some of us have no belly button!

Have you seen photographs of the model Karolina Kurkova and asked where is your belly button? Despite the fact that most of us have a belly button, there is a defect called umbilical hernia which can cause the absence of this. This condition causes the intestines, burrow through the intestinal wall and therefore requires a surgical intervention, leaving the baby without a belly button.

2. Some mammals do not have one…

Biology dictates that all mammals have a navel, but the nature could be quirky. Some mammals such as the canguros and platypus do not have midriffs.

3. …but the dolphins do have one!

4. Technically, the midriffs are one of our first scars

A belly-button, independent of how appealing it may be to someone, it is technically a scar. It is formed when the umbilical cord, through which the baby is nourished within the womb of the mother, is cut and tied after birth.

5. Every belly button is different and unique.

There are many different species of bacteria in our belly button, and each person has a different composition. There are around 2,400 different species of bacteria have been discovered in the navel. In the navel of a person have been found to bacteria previously detected only in samples of oil in Japan, despite the fact that this person had never been in Japan.

6. Most start out as “outies” (outward).

While the majority of babies start having “outies (belly button out), usually, these people change to have an “innie” (inward) when they grow up. Only 10% of people still have an outie in adulthood.

7. The belly expanded in a pregnant woman who has an innie can sometimes become an outie.

During pregnancy, the womb of a woman expands with the purpose of giving more room to the fetus and to accommodate as it grows. In this way, the navel of the form innie (toward the inside) can go out and become an outie. Many midriffs of pregnant women return to their original shape after giving birth.

8. A study found that the bumps umbilical (outies) are seen as less attractive.

Researchers have determined that an outie is seen as less attractive than a navel in the shape of a small T or a belly button in a vertical way, which are considered more desirable.

9. The breasts augmentation can be done through the belly button

Some procedures incisions medical, such as for example breast augmentation, are done through the belly button. Most of the time, this is done to hide the scar.

10. A navel piercing takes a long time to heal.

Piercing of belly button may look very attractive, but before you decide to have one, keep in mind that it takes a fairly long period of time to heal. The time average is from 6 to 12 months, and, if you do not take care of the wound properly, it can cause serious infections.

11. The lint in the navel can become great

If you do not wash your belly button regularly, the lint that accumulates inside your navel may become quite large. This fluff is usually a mixture of fibers from clothing, hair, and dead skin cells. As men tend to have more hair around that area, way more lint on them.

12. The pastime most unusual in the world: collection of lint

As far-fetched as it may seem, the collection of lint is really a pastime. Graham Barker of Australia has the collection of lint from navel to the world’s largest, making creditor to a Guinness world record in the year 2000.

And the artist Rachel Betty Case makes even a small bear with a lint-free navel.

13. Hesychasm: meditation by means of navel gazing.

The meditation of the belly button and consisted in contemplating one’s own navel, and it is said that it was used to soothe the soul. The Greek monk christian of mount Athos, used this method to have a greater vision of the divine glory.

14. It is an erogenous zone.

The sensitivity is so high that there is around the area of the belly button causes it to be a zone of erogenous.

The psychologist Leon F. Seltzer says, “from the point of view of a heterosexual, the act of viewing the navel and the surrounding area can be very attractive. This emphasizes the line of the waist, your curves, and brings to light the beauty and fertility in a woman’s body”. According to the psychologist, only to see the area of the belly button can trigger sexual desires.

15. But it has been a lot of controversy.

In the 1960s, was censored for women to show their midriffs on the tv. Barbara Eden, who protagonizaba to Jeannie in the popular Us series “My beautiful genius”, had to wear a dress that covered your belly button, on the orders of the heads of the tv channel.

Bonus: what reveals the shape of each of the navel in the personality of the people.

Although there is no scientific evidence proven that links the shape of the navel with your personality, there are many theories that claim that there is a connection between your navel and your personality. Surprising, isn’t it? Giving rise to the doubt, let’s look at a little bit of what the shape of your belly button may suggest in regards to your personality.

  1. Outie ( outward): a strong character, loving attention, persevering, honest in relationships.
  2. Big and deep: generous, an expert in human relations manager, prudent.
  3. Shallow and small: cautious, skeptical, and reserved.

  4. Long and down: smart and innovative.

  5. Oval: super sensitive, impatient, introverted and inquisitive.

  6. Width: cautious, honest in relationships, and courageous.

What of all these facts has fascinated most of all? Do you know more interesting facts but unknown on the midriffs? Be sure to share them with us in the comments below.

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