15 Stories that demonstrate that together we can change the world for the better

There are people that appears in the most unexpected moment, but it is very necessary. And sometimes donate what last simply for good reasons. As, for example, a subject without a roof that spent its only 20 dollars to help a stranger stuck on a highway without gasoline. And after a while, this girl in the form of gratitude raised $ 400,000 dollars for him. It is just one of those stories.

These stories, often, “become behind-the-scenes”, but are the ones that allow us to believe again in humanity, in the existence of people who do good in exchange of nothing, without expecting any praise or reward.

Great.guru brought together 15 stories, that are full of faith in the good. And at the end of the article, we prepare a proof of the existence of love and compassion, not only among humans but also among animals.

A girl who donated her hair to children with cancer

A girl of 7 years raised $ 750,000 dollars for the treatment of her friend

Dana of 7 years, of the american city of Boulder, with the help of his mother created a fund to help her friend Mila, who has been diagnosed with a rare condition fatal: the illness of Batten. The treatment costs about 700,000 dollars.

To collect a sum as large as soon as possible, Dana along with her mother, began to bake cookies and sell them to the neighbors. And when more people were aware of “Cookies 4 Mila”, he began to ask cookies from different parts of the country. To date, the small heroin has raised over 750,000 dollars, so your friend is waiting for the operation that can save her.

A child of 6 years gave 170 pairs of shoes to homeless

Ryder, 6 years living in Vancouver. A rainy day saw in the street a tramp who had no umbrella or shoes. This image impressed the heart of a child, and he along with his parents, began to collect money to buy shoes to the needy. During 5 months, Ryder raised over 7,000 dollars and bought nearly 170 pairs of boots, as well as socks, gloves and ponchos.

A pensioner was fined 2,000 euros by collecting bottles, and the users of the social network raised 7,000 euros for it

A retired, Anna Leeb, and collected empty bottles in the central station of Munich to earn some money. But after that came the new admisnistración of the place, he was forbidden to do this. Once, the wife took the habit of an empty container, which cost him a fine of 2,000 euros.

After the publication of this story in the newspapers and on the network, the indignation of the users had no limit. One of the people who is worried by this situation, decided to organize a campaign to raise funds to pay the fine unjust. And in just a few days he managed to gather an amount several times higher than that of the fine. All funds were transferred to the retiree.

The simple acts make the world more friendly

This old man could not ride on an escalator. A few minutes later, the man approached him, took him by the hand and offered her help. While they were down, the grandfather in a low voice told of a time he had been caught in a ladder of that sort, and that because of that, now I was afraid. If it were not for that friendly guy, would not dare to go down.

A man taught him a stranger to make a knot of tie

The young man was sitting in the subway station and couldn’t get the knot of the tie. A woman who was standing off to the side with a red coat noticed this and asked her husband that he should teach the guy how to do it. The man, without hesitation, step by step, showed how it was done.

The cops cut the hair and dressed to a homeless person

The little Walt gave pajamas to the foster children, and now helps the homeless

In 2015, a boy of 5 years, Walt San Francisco, saw the ad of a company that is collecting pajamas worn and handed them over to the families with adopted children. This ad was so small that he asked his relatives and friends to give away only pajamas for all the festivities, and then I gave them to those guys. After a while, with the help of her mother, created a fund to help these infants, and in a little over a month raised nearly 4,000 dollars. Walt realized that it was necessary to help those who do not have their own home and together with his sister, became a volunteer of the Foundation St. Anthony, a local non-profit that helps homeless and low-income.

A guy paid at McDonalds the order is placed by people in the car that was behind him

Thanks to that hockey player is a person more happy in the Earth

The seller gave her a juicer/blender costly to a woman with cancer

Jeremy works in a Vitamix, a store that sells blenders and grinders, mixers and. Once he saw a woman with a scarf on the head and began to speak with her. It turned out she was battling cancer and needed one of these appliances to a healthy diet, but the lady could not afford to buy the appliance, because all the money is spent on the treatment.

A long time later, Jeremy approached the woman and gave her a squeeze that cost more than 400 dollars. She could not contain the tears of joy at the kindness this stranger.

A homeless man helped a girl, spending her last 20 dollars in it. To thank him, the girl raised 400,000 dollars for him

Kate McClure, on the way to Philadelphia ran out of fuel. I was scared and didn’t know what to do. Then, a homeless person came up to her and asked her to stay in the car, as it would not be safe outside. It was, and in 20 minutes he returned with a can of gasoline. Johnny — that’s the name of the man — he said that he spent his last 20 dollars so that Kate could return home, but the girl didn’t have cash to refund the money. Therefore, during the following weeks, he traveled that route, and every time I saw him he delivered coats, jackets, hats, socks, and food.

And in November of 2017, the girl organized a campaign to raise 10,000 dollars so that Johnny could start a new life. But this story touched many, and after only 2 months we raised over 400,000 dollars! With this money, the man wants to buy a house and a pick-up, and the rest will be donated to those who helped him in the past few years.

Stopped to help a person who was in trouble

A crowd of people leaned over the train to save a man atapado

This sprinter from Kenya, gave drink to a runner chinese who suffered from dehydration. As a result, he lost the leadership and came second

Bonus: among the animals there is also love and compassion

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