15 Illustrations of an artist who sacrificed the possibility of living in their homeland to be able to draw the truth

The modern artists often criticize in their illustrations of our imperfect world. Gunduz Agayev is one of them, but their works are very different.

Gunduz is not afraid to draw the truth. For a long time, was expressed against the injustices in her home country, Azerbaijan. Even had to face a lot of pressure on the part of the government, and in 2014 he was forced to leave the country. But this did not stop him: Gunduz continues to create artwork honest which make many people see the world without the lenses of pink.

Great.guru invites you to evaluate the works stronger from this talented artist.

Modern person

The last oasis

A wonderful trip

Political prisoners

He lost his head

Virtual patriotism


Freedom of expression

Theory of evolution

Made in China


For a better future


Sleep peacefully

Smile, we’re going to be famous

What of the works of this artist is the one that you have been touched? What feelings are caused in you? I share it in the comments!

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