15 Amazing scientific discoveries that seem to lie, but they are truth

The scientific minds of modern are dedicated to solve problems as global as the space exploration, the search for treatments for incurable diseases, to increase human life expectancy… Basically, to issues crucial for the progress of mankind. But sometimes, there are also inquiring minds that set themselves challenges really difficult, as, for example, if people can swim in syrup, or do you think the hens on the human.

Great.guru has compiled for you 15 scientific studies that are unexpected and somewhat strange, whose results attract a lot of attention.

15. Hip hop, music for psychopaths

The scientists from the University of New York found that psychopaths prefer to listen to hip-hop. Based on a study with 200 volunteers who put in several turns up to 260 songs of different genres.

Unlike Hannibal Lecter, the protagonist of the cult film “The silence of the innocent” and a big fan of classical music, the study found that the participants, with obvious signs of the syndrome, psychopathological, they were fond of the hip-hop and R&B.

14. Sugar is a drug

Scientists from the University of Technology in Queensland, Australia, equivalent to the sugar with the drugs. In his scientific work require that this substance causes addiction, and the effect of its consumption is similar to that of cocaine.

The carbohydrate sucrose, like this drug, alters the mood, stimulates a sense of enjoyment and causes in those who consumed by the need to find a new sweet. The scientists reinforced his thesis with the results of the experiments with rodents, that between the drug and the sugar, most frequently opted for the latter.

13. The people, forming a group, they look more attractive

“The effect of the cheerleading squad“, also known as the ”effect of the Spice Girls“, was named for the first time in the series “How I met your mother” character Barney Stinson. Later it was proven by scientists from the University of California.

The study showed the following: people, in a group, they look more attractive than separately. A good reason to form a musical group, or find interests in common!

12. If you have a friendship with your former spouse, you are probably a psychopath

Scientists from the University of Auckland, in Michigan, they decided to look into the past and find people who were “like friends” with their ex. The study focuses not so much on the people that still care about someone who, until recently, I didn’t care much, but in those that still need something of his former partner (emotional support, or economic assistance in the work, for example). The results showed that these individuals most often manifest psychopathic traits.

11. Music country generates suicides

Fans of country music, caution! Scientists from the universities of Auburn and Wayne, in the U.S., they found a direct correlation between the statistics of suicides in the cities and the number of radio stations with music of this genre. The leader in these tragic statistics turned out to be the city of Nashville, capital of this musical genre.

After more than a thousand popular songs, the researchers discovered that the lyrics of country can be divided into several phrases of this kind: “our Lord is almighty“, ”no, I’m not as good as before,“ “who became the woman of my dreams?” and ”let’s go get drunk, brother!” It may not seem so serious, but, probably, the constant rotation of these thoughts direct the consciousness of certain people in one direction: depression.

10. The owners look like their dogs, in 80% of cases

About the fact that dogs look like their owners, have thought and joked probably all of them. But now the joke has become a scientific study. Japanese researchers performed an experiment: photographed separately to the owners and their pets. They asked the students to join the couples. 80 per cent of the responses were correct.

The psychologists state that the person you choose your pet based on the same principles with which you choose your half-orange in love: the appearance is similar, as we are warned by the brain, implies the compatibility of the genes. Thanks to this instinct, often choose in favor of those that have characteristics similar to ours.

9. Under the influence of alcohol, the person does not cease to be the same

Who has not passed each of the following? Wake up with a hangover, and riddled with vague memories after a fun party and immediately put excuses for everything that happened because you were drunk. Unfortunately, it has been shown that this excuse is no longer valid.

Studies published in the web site, “Psychological Science Clinicdeconstruct the entire myth about the existence of an ”alter-ego in a state of drunkenness”. In short, a sober’re thinking, a drunk drop.

8. The rule of the five seconds does not work

If you still had your doubts in relation to the “rule of five seconds,” since everything will be clear. The results of a study conducted at the University of Rutgers (USA), we demonstrate that the 5 seconds are more than enough for the bacteria to enter the food. The amount of microorganisms depends on the environment and the type of surface, but in any case, the contamination of food occurs instantly.

7. Cats act out of interest

If you are a gatófilo hard and believe these cats the most animal friendly in the world, skip this paragraph. And if not, I have warned!

Japanese researchers have shown that cats are animals, selfish acting out of self-interest: recognize perfectly your name, and almost always hear when they call, but don’t always respond: what do they do when they know they will receive a prize.

Why, in this issue, cats are so different to dogs? The researchers believe that this can be explained by the different evolutionary history of animals: dogs were domesticated to 6 thousand years before. In addition, the cats nobody adiestraba and not living too close to humans.

But in Great.guru we believe that is only a component of your ineffable charm and a bit of malice, nothing more.

6. One out of every four people suffers a “Facebook-depression”

If you’re wondering if your loved ones and even yourself suffer from depression, you will now have a new reason for concern. According to data of researchers irish, 25 percent of users of social networks suffer from “Facebook depression“ (not to be confused with the depression conventional).

The Facebook-depression can be caused by a feeling of loneliness, produced when the publications just get ”I like it“. Without receiving notification of acceptance, many begin to worry about whether they like or not to your friends. So don’t skimp on giving “I like”, friend, we’ll get through it together!

5. Do the hens will consider you attractive?

We are accustomed to think that our perception of beauty dictated by the social norms and traditions. However, is it possible that something in our mind to react to what is attractive? Scientists from the University of Stockholm, taught the hens to recognise faces and react to them.

The birds received food when it poked the picture of a person. Then, from these images, have generated other faces, asking the students to assess which of these turned out to be more attractive. Next, it was the hens to make their choice.

The chickens had almost the same tastes that the students. Scientists still can’t explain this phenomenon, but the fact that our attractiveness can be evaluated by hens trained non-stop to rejoice!

4. The cow with a name produces more milk

If you’ve thought about the agriculture in the future or have a virtual farm on your tablet, we have for you a trick valuable and endorsed by british scientists. Make sure you put names to each of your cows and llámalas so often. As they say the scientists from the University of Newcastle, this will allow your cows to produce more milk.

3. Swimming in syrup is as easy in the water

The answer to this question may seem obvious: a syrup-sticky and viscous it is definitely not suitable for swimming. But science is not based on assumptions! Scientists from the University of Minnesota created a test environment: in a swimming pool 25 meters deep, filled with water added a thickener in food and guar gum and performed an experiment with 16 volunteers.

The study revealed that there were no comparative differences: in the water and the syrup is nothing, at about the same speed.

We don’t know what you can serve this information but Great.guru we already have a couple volunteers ready to experience swimming in a pool of beer!

2. A healthy sleep is the key to a svelte figure

Scientists from the University of Washington conducted a study about the correlation between hours of sleep and being overweight. And they have a great news to give us! During the study, in comparing a thousand pairs of twins, their hours of sleep and your weight, it was found that subjects who slept 9 hours, and more during the night had a body mass index inferior to their brothers or sisters who slept less. So if you do not manage to take a couple of extra pounds, think if you have to go running to a gym or simply kick you to sleep.

1. A glass of red wine can replace an hour of sport

If, following the scientific recommendations of the previous point, you slept very well, but the pounds still go with it, canadian researchers from the University of Alberta ¡run to your aid with this great discovery! According to a recent study, a cup of red wine has on our body similar to the effect of a one-hour training in the gym.

However, the study was conducted only in rats, not in humans, but we are optimistic, right?

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