15 Places incredibly beautiful that most people do not know

In our world there are many amazing places that almost nobody knows about, where there are no tourists, and to which it is very difficult to reach. Islands with crystal clear waters, fields of flowers and waterfalls. Doesn’t this sound like a fairy tale?

Great.guru you will have about 15 secret places of our planet, whose existence is very little known.

Blagaj, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Blagaj is a small town where, amongst breathtaking waterfalls and crystal clear waters, under a steep mound, there are picturesque white houses and a monastery. It is a sacred place for the dervishes and the sufis, who were the people who built the city in this paradise.

Huacachina, Peru

Huacachina is an oasis town in the middle of a vast desert. To get there it will take approximately 5 hours, following a path south of the capital of Peru, Lima. The population is only 200 people, so that when you arrive, you will feel completely isolated from the world. In addition, you’ll be able to do sandboarding the sandy hills of the peruvian.

Lake Hillier, Australia

Just imagine: white sand surrounded by forests of eucalyptus trees next to the pond more pink in the world. Lake Hillier is located in the southwest of Australia, in the Middle Island, and was discovered in 1802. It is known for its curious colour, which does not change throughout the year. He was that gave him that tone were algae and some microorganisms particular, but subsequent studies could not confirm this. So until now nobody knows the reason of such pigmentation. The only way to get there is by air.

Isla Marieta, Playa escondida, Mexico

“Playa escondida” is, excuse the redundancy, a secret beach with crystal clear waters and a great variety of birds, and you can only get to this secret paradise by water. After swimming a few minutes by the labyrinths of underwater caves, you will find a wonderful view of a beach lost in the bowels of the island.

Crack of Silfra, Iceland

The fissure Silfra is located in Iceland, in the National Park Thingvellir. This incredible place is the favorite of scuba divers and adventurers. Swimming here is easy to lose the sense of depth, because the drinking water, pure and cold is so clear that the visibility in it is of up to 300 meters.

Isola Bella, Italy

There is No doubt that the Italian island Isola Bella, on Lake Maggiore, is one of the most beautiful in the world. Almost all of this small piece of land is occupied by the magnificent Borromeo Palace and a flower garden on several levels, adorned with grottoes, terraces, and fountains. A harmonious addition to all this splendor are the white peacocks that roam the place.

Village of Popeye in Malta

The People of Popeye is formed by wooden houses, originally built for the filming of the musical of the same name in the 1980s. Now it is a tourist destination with an amusement park, cruise along the bay and stunning views.

Red earth in Dongchuan, China

The Red Land of Dongchuan is a valley of mountains to the southwest of Kunmíng, the capital of Yunnan province. Due to the remoteness of the infrastructure, this place is not on the tourist map of China, and was discovered in the mid-1990s. The gently undulating land, similar to a patchwork quilt, have shades of reddish-brown colour thanks to the high content of minerals and fossils.

Flores island, Portugal

The Island of Flores is on the list of UNESCO, because here there is a national park with a unique flora and fauna. It is located in the most western point of the Azores, off the coast of Portugal. In Portuguese, its name means “cape of flowers” because almost all its territory is dotted with plants of a wide variety of colors and types. In addition to that, there are hot springs and natural ponds, rice fields and unique villages, lakes, and also volcanoes of the world-famous.

Darvaza The door to hell”, Turkmenistan

Darvaza is a gigantic crater burning of about 60 meters in diameter and 20 deep, called “the gates of hell” by the inhabitants of the place. Once, the geologists found there accidentally a cave that has huge reserves of natural gas. This was burned to the ground intentionally to avoid to have harmful effects to people and livestock, but the fire that had to shut down after a few days it takes to burn 45 years. It is a show unique and fascinating, which is visited by people from all over the world.

Lencois Maranhenses, Brazil

The National Park Lençóis Maranhenses is located off the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, in the northeast of Brazil. During the rainy season, turns into something simply unforgettable. Each year, in that period, among the sand dunes formed thousands of lagoons of turquoise waters and different sea creatures. It remains a mystery how, after the drought, the fish and crabs come to here, but the scale of a show of this magnitude can not stop to surprise. The best time to visit is from July to September, when the pools reach their maximum volume.

Setenil de las Bodegas, “The city on the rock”, Spain

In the south of Spain, in a rocky mountain, for already 8 centuries, there is a town called Setenil de las Bodegas, also known as “The city on the rock”. The walls and even the roofs of the houses, are part of the huge stones of basalt and protect the locals from the scorching sun and the wind. Be there, amongst the massive landscape of mountains, makes you feel minimally small.

Cave of Saint-Marcel-d’ardèche, France

This place was discovered in the year 1836 by a hunter French. The cave of Saint-Marcel-d’ardèche is located in the Rhône-Alpes region, in France. It is a large network of caves with crystal clear waters and rocks of various colors.

Marble caves, Chile

The Marble Caves are located on a peninsula, near Lake General Carrera, in Chile. This impressive network of caves, he was patient and carefully perfected by the water during thousands of years, forming whirlpools of incredible beauty on the walls.

Sanctuary of Las Lajas, Colombia

The Sanctuary of Las Lajas is located in a canyon, on the border between Colombia and Ecuador. The incredible neo-gothic architecture and the interiors are really fascinating, more than anything else because the building itself rises above the river to 45 metres in height, between rocks and waterfalls.

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