15 Moments surreal in that The Simpsons predicted the future perfectly

The Simpsons is one of the series most long-lived of the television, with nearly 30 years in antenna. We all know its episodes, and when we see the issued years ago, we noticed that there are many things that have become reality. For this reason, today we show you all the predictions that have become reality.

The large and accurate predictions of The Simpsons

1 – Winner of the Nobel Prize

In the year 2016, the professor Beng Holmström won the Nobel Prize in Economics, six years after The Simpsons were told that he was going to do it.

2 – Fish with three eyes

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We all know the famous fish three eyes that Bart caught in 1990. What we didn’t know was that ten years later, I would discover a real fish three-eyed in Argentina. The water in which it was discovered was on the side of a nuclear power plant.

3 – The censorship of Miguel Angel

15 Momentos surrealistas en los que Los Simpsons predijeron el futuro a la perfección

An episode from 1990 quipped with the idea that the work of michelangelo’s David could not be exposed in a museum because it was considered obscene. Surprisingly, this happened in 2016 in Russia.

4 – Lady Gaga and the Super Bowl

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In the year 2012, the singer Lady Gaga sang in Sprienfield flying above the audience, something he did in the Super Bowl american later.

5 – The Beatles

15 Momentos surrealistas en los que Los Simpsons predijeron el futuro a la perfección

In an episode from 1991, it shows up as Ringo, one of The Beatles, responds to a letter from a fan that had been written decades before. In 2013, two fans of the group received a response from Paul McCartney to a letter they had written to the band fifty years before.

6 – The problem of ebola

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17 years before the occurrence of the crisis of ebola, The Simpsons already imagined that this could happen.

7 – The Higgs Boson

In 1998, The Simpsons released an episode in which Homer becomes an inventor and tries to solve a complicated equation on the chalkboard. In 2013, it showed that it was the particle of the Higgs boson.

8 – Relojes smart

Now it seems to us normal to have a smart watch, but there always has been. The Simpsons already announced that this would happen in 1995, almost twenty years before the Apple Watch was launched.

9 – the Attack of a tiger

15 Momentos surrealistas en los que Los Simpsons predijeron el futuro a la perfección

The Simpsons parodiaron artists Siegfried and Roy, and joked with the attack of a white tiger. In 2003, Roy was attacked during a performance by a white tiger.

10 – Buildings

The building Shard in London was not designed until the year 2000, however, The Simpsons already put it, ” in 1995, in this view of the city.

11 – horse Meat

In 1994, we were able to see a joke about how it’s used horse meat in the school for lunch. Nine years later, it was discovered the DNA of a horse in a lot of meat in Ireland.

12 – The checker

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The Simpsons already predicted that we pelearíamos with the auto retouch of the phone in season six, that is to say, in 1994, when the iPhone was not even close to launch.

13 – Robots

15 Momentos surrealistas en los que Los Simpsons predijeron el futuro a la perfección

In the future episode about the wedding of Lisa, we can see some students build a robot for a library. Twenty years later, it happened in Singapore.

14 – Problems in the voting machines

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In 2008, we were able to see how Homer tried to vote for Barack Obama, and the machine forced him to vote for John McCain. Four years later, a voting machine in Pennsylvania was withdrawn after a showing that was changing votes from Obama to Mitt Romney.

15 – The tobacco plant

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Homer used it in 1999, the nuclear energy to create a plant called “tomacco”. In 2003, a family, following the idea of the drawings, managed to re-create this plant.

Do you think that will continue to match predictions? How could they know that all this would happen?

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