15 Couples who don’t want to know anything about a “normal relationship”

Most of the people dream with a beautiful story of mutual love, full of romance and happy times. But there are couples of non-conventional that they have a special look on the theme. Organize sessions of wedding photos in a supermarket, give it away or vegetables made tattoo strangers. From the outside, it all looks a bit crazy and funny, but it seems that they are happy as well.

Great.guru has gathered photos that show that romance is a concept that is very subjective. And at the end of the article, we have prepared for you a bonus that will teach you how to make a gift of joyful to your soul mate and, at the same time, you get out of the situation winning.

“I could not give my wife a new car, so I just bought a bow for the old”

Trolling my husband’s level 80

“My girlfriend is afraid of spiders, so I made him this little surprise of chocolate”

Being romantic is not giving flowers and chocolates. Being romantic is when you clean the tub for you

“My boyfriend gave me a portrait of our cat for the anniversary”

“When setting up the camera in the store, I did not expect that what fotografiaría would be a wedding”

“I’m pregnant, and my husband gave me a sprayer so that you can scare away all who try to touch my belly without permission”

“Do not touch”.

“3 years ago my wife to bake this type of cakes for my birthday”

“My husband, an engineer made me a necklace with my initials in binary code”

“My girlfriend asked me for a Caesar salad”

The romanticism of St. Petersburg

“Your eyebrows are like space junk on Mars.”

The gift from my husband for Valentine’s Day

“My husband and I did a tattoo of a couple”

“I asked my girlfriend what she wanted for dinner, and she sent this to me”

Bonus: gift with an unexpected twist

And what sort of relations you like you, like in the movies or like in our collection?

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