15 modern Films for those who think they have seen everything in this world

15 Películas modernas para aquellos que piensan que han visto de todo en este mundo

It is sometimes so difficult to choose a movie, since dan wanted to see them all at the same time. Especially if the tape had a lot of good reviews from the viewers.

For those who think that nothing can surprise you, Great.guru created a list of the best movies that maybe you missed.

Two is a Family

Demain tout commence

The young womanizer Samuel earns money by driving the yachts of rich people, and their free time is spend on beach parties getting to know beautiful women. But one day, in his normal life appears a girl with a baby in her arms, telling him that it is his daughter. When you make the decision that he did not need this problem, Samuel decides to search for the mother of the small, but things are the other way.

It is a film kind and nice, after watching it will leave you only positive emotions.

The Zookeeper”s Wife

The film tells a multitude of stories of the World War ii, stories in which there is a place for heroism, love, and compassion. The character main, Antonina Żabiński and her husband Jan were not able to accept the fact that the war had arrived in their city. They tried to do everything possible to save not only the animals, but also to unknown people, despite the fact that at any time could discover.

The tape is inspired by the book with the same name as Diane Ackerman, based on the diaries of Antonina Żabiński.

A monster comes to see me

A Monster Calls

This is the story of the little’connor, whose life forced him to mature a little before it should. Your mom was sick of cancer, his father did not want to take his parental rights and his classmates often teased him. But a day after you have another regular nightmare, in your window appeared a giant, who helps the child overcome all the trials.

A film that is moving, after seeing it will be difficult to overcome.

A moment of love

Mal de pierres

The parents of Gabrielle, a young man of free spirit, given in marriage to a person who has never loved. He was a quiet man, but his life becomes a prison after that. After a while, the girl is diagnosed with a serious illness and is sent to be treated, and it is there where he finds a person that falls in love really. Together they decide to escape from the routine and start a new path toward a world of love.

Is a movie great that you like it couples.


The life of the main character, Paterson, is very routine, but even in this daily life he finds inspiration for poetry, whether it’s listening to a conversation, a situation in the day or on a trip to the bar. He writes everything in his notebook secret, without those of being famous, but one day an unexpected event changes all their plans.

A good movie, which shows you a magical world through the eyes of a poet.

The Secret Scripture

Roseanne McNulty spent most of his life in a psychiatric hospital; it was so long admitted that many did not understand why he was there. The new Dean of Medicine of the hospital became interested in the case of the woman and found his diary in which the girl told the story about a love that is mighty and the secret of his prison.

It is a shocking film that will make you think about the difficulties of relationships between people.

The power of ambition


The main character, Kenny, received a company as the inheritance of his father, but after a few years, everything collapsed and he barely was able to keep afloat. After a strange dream, he finds a kind loser like him, and invites him to undertake a journey, which can change their lives. This adventure consists of, specifically, go search for gold in the jungles unexplored.

Stunning adventure story based on actual events.

The reason to be with you

A Dog’s Purpose

A normal family provincial picks up a cuddly puppy golden retriever from a shelter. The dog lives happily for many years, but after a while it dies due to old age. Upon waking, he finds himself in the body of a pastor, police and understand that it is able to reincarnate into other canines.

It is a film touching on life in the eyes of a dog, who is the friend most loyal and carñoso for which the human being means everything.

An exceptional gift


Frank Adler, by itself, educates his niece Mary, which has a extraordinary ability in the field of mathematics. He wants only one thing: that the girl does not miss out on their childhood, they play and get friends. But on the horizon appears the mother of the man, who has his own ideas about the future of the small.

Family movie, which poses the problem of eternal relations between parents and children.


Howard Wakefield had a perfect life: a luxurious home, a good job, a wife and a daughter who loved him. But one day everything changed. The man ran behind a raccoon that had gotten into your home and, suddenly, we found in the attic from which it is viewed throughout your home. The main character saw that they served the table, the family was waiting for the father and asked: “What will happen if I I disappear?”. In this way, the man decides to live in the attic.

It is a film that makes you think about many things and definitely worth seeing.

Perfect strangers

Perfetti sconosciuti

A large group of friends meets at a dinner. As a joke, they propose to play something: all messages have to be read aloud, and the calls only can be answered with the speakerphone on. But I never could have imagined where the take this harmless game and what mysteries can be found.

This detailed movie shows that every one of us has their dirty cloths in the closet.

Everything, everything

Everything, Everything

The main character, Maddy, is a girl smart and curious. She wants to try the taste of life, but due to illness can not go out to the street. Your only salvation are the books, the painting and the distance courses of architecture. But one day his life changes, when you get to know your new neighbor which falls in love with till you lose consciousness.

It is a romantic movie, which all who believe in love and miracles should not be missed.

David Lynch: the art of life

It is a monologue staff of the director’s most mysterious film in the world, the creator of such films as “Twin Peaks”, “Dreams, mysteries and secrets” and “blue Velvet”. David Lynch is a person, ingenious and exceptional that it revealed his world to the audience: the planet of an artist.

The seducer

The Beguiled

A boarding school is closed for the girls was hidden in a reliable manner to the external world, until a young girl found in the woods with a wounded army. All firmly stand against the appearance of the host, but the director leaves it to enter and together they begin to care for it. Very soon they will get used to the presence of the soldier and in a feminine society comieza a serious fight for the attention of the man.

The movie liked to all lovers of the cinema art house.

Without love

The marriage of Zhenya and Boris is coming to an end: they took the decision to divorce, and virtually began a new chapter of your life with other people.
For this reason, they are anxious to finish with all the paperwork and keep track of your own life. But in a series of endless disputes and conflicts, forget by full of Alexey, his 12 year old son, who begins to feel as if wasted in this family. After a fierce fight, the child disappears.

A movie heart-rending that opens the eyes to all the difficulties of real life.

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