15 Evidence that the world tour thanks to the people with a sense of humor

If there is an explosion of laughter, you must have an epicentre, and we know with certainty that it will be a person who knows how to entertain others. If not, just look at the Shakespeare inflatable and other things that prove that life without humor would be much more boring.

Great.guru introduces you to the photos that will not leave any chance to the bad mood.

“The sector of the romances of our municipal library”

“The men who lost their shirts.”

“My friend tried very hard to get a photo as well”

When your inflatable pillow makes me to be like Shakespeare

The best sand castle in the world

This thing may be a strainer. And also a hat

Always leaves something strange in the drawer of your desk for the next person who will work there

When leading a healthy lifestyle

“Municipal parking lot, open 24 hours. Parking is free of gluten”.

“The shoes of my friend at her wedding in a Catholic Church”

Warning sign at the National Museum of Natural History of the united States

“Do not strike the glass. This upsets the mammals that work with fossils”.

What do they eat, then?

“Do not feed the mermaids with black bread”.

When you’re sure that you’re not sure of anything

“We found… something. What about an otter? What a ondatra? How a hamster, newt?

I take the thing!

What we found may 30

If that was your friend, come and take it away

Misses you

Great name for a yacht

“Who’s the loser now, dad?”

“That was how my mother ’repaired’ the hole in the wall”

“An ad in our local music store”

“We know how important it is to impress your girlfriend by playing a guitar like Jimi Hendrix, but, please, limit yourself to 10 minutes so that others can also impress their girls.”

The coffee is the answer to all the questions

“What a bad day? Coffee.

What a good day? Coffee

What stress? Coffee

How happy? Coffee

What inspired you? Coffee

What coffee? Café”.

Bonus: nature also has a sense of humor. Due to the black spot on the chin, this cat always looks surprised

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