15 Rules of netiquette that you must remember once and for always

The label net, or “netiquette” is a relatively new term, but extremely necessary. The matter is that many people are not aware that the rules of a polite conversation does not only apply in a regular dialogue, but also in the social networks.

Great.guru decided to give to know the basic rules of the netiquette. Of course, they are not rigidly established, but are precisely those that put in evidence the ignorant virtual.

  • If you send a photo, video or text that you’ve already seen it a long time ago, even several times, it is not worth declaring with arrogance that this is something old. Put a face of surprise: it doesn’t cost you anything and your partner will be nice.
  • Don’t turn on the speaker of a conversation in public places. We’re not in 2005, when this meant that you were an important person.
  • Before sharing material on a small kitten british looking for a home or will be euthanized, take a minute to verify the information. In 90 percent of cases, this will be an untrue report.
  • You can call by Skype or Facetime, as long as you inform your interlocutor that you do. You never know what you could be doing your well-known when he unexpectedly decided to make a video call.
  • The messages that require feedback should be responded to in the course of the day. Waiting too long is considered impolite.
  • Messages with letters substitution like $specif, in capital letters or this Way is better to leave them in the 2005.
  • If unexpectedly you have become a participant of a discussion turbulent where the main topic has been left aside, the thing was a little personal and you can’t stop it in any way, you should know that you are the victim of a flamazo, better known as “flame”. Frequently, the flamazos arise spontaneously, develop rapidly and end up in nothing: the participants did not change their minds, except when they generate doubts among the observers of the battle. The best decision a person can make is to express in a very constructive way to your position and avoid falling once more into the discussion.
  • All messaging services have chat rooms that are dedicated to a certain topic. For example, the chat work, the chat of the neighbors, discussion on the choice for the gift of a friend, among others. With such discussions of side-to-side, occurs the problem known as off-topic”, whose translation is “off topic”. The off topic is to send messages that have nothing to do with the subject for which was created the chat. Considering how many dialogue-like there are in the messaging services, each modern person, this is completely annoying and officially banned in some groups.
  • The rules of communication in social networks with friends and acquaintances are very important: if you saw a post, comments on something positive or just ignórala. A person upload your thoughts and photos for pleasure or communication, not to be criticized.
  • The same applies to the public figures or magazines. If something or someone don’t like or don’t like, it simply does not follow it or read it. Tell the author that you’re not interested in him or any negative comments, it makes no sense. The author does not create publications that you like to do specifically you. He probably has a plan for its publications that does not revolve around your preferences.

    In general, the publication of negative comments it is interesting to analyze. Many residents of the forums and social networks lose their human image: do not hesitate to be rude, offend and bring out your all-knowing inner. Begin to criticize, for example, the film independent or the thermodynamic process of a compressor with multiple stages. Unfortunately, this happens because, for a large majority of them, the Internet is the only place where you can keep some kind of conversation.

  • Do not post too much information about yourself. In the first place, this looks intrusive, in the second place, always remember that Facebook already knows a lot about you.
  • Not worth posting on your wall petitions to overthrow the system.
  • Do not post anything on a wall outside. even congratulations birthday. All have a personal mailbox. In addition, today, the wall is like the face virtual of a person, by which a stranger should not be part of your content.
  • And finally: if you find yourself with a problem of virtual communication, just imagine how reaccionarías to do this in real life. The rules are the same and easily you’ll find the solution.

What more agregarías to this list of rules? We will complete the list.

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