15 secret Techniques used by police officers

Police officers represent the order of any country. In the film, chase the criminals, most inhospitable, carry out interrogations with bias, and, of course, saves the lives of many people. But how much of all of this is true? And how is it in real life?

Great.guru has compiled for you the nuances more interesting in the dangerous work that they perform day-to-day police officers, which most of us have not even imagined, and, if we imagine, what we do without knowing too much about it.

1. The police know all about it

After obtaining the biometric passport, or in situations in which you have to leave a fingerprint, you are already part of the database of the police. Of course, these help in the investigations, but sometimes the defenders of the law choose to use them for personal purposes. If you have a friend in the police, you can be sure that he knows it all what you tell them. And, perhaps, a little more. And in some states of the US, law enforcement vehicles are equipped to receive information via satellite and so it’s much easier to obtain necessary data on certain persons.

2. Belts of superheroes

The belts of the police can compete with any apparatus of the superheroes series Marvel. They have almost everything you need a true hero: walkie-talkie, handcuffs, flashlights, tasers very powerful, a pepper spray or a knife (depending on the country), firearms and ammunition, batons, folding, pens, pencils, and keys.

3. The greater part of the work is routine

Thanks to movies, many believe that working in the police force consists of a persecution constant, up to extreme, criminal, arrest unusual and skirmishes spicy. But do not forget that the police also have dealing with a large amount of documents, such as reports or requests of elderly women who have lost their cat. And this is very boring even for fans largest of the bureaucracy.

4. Your own “brotherhood”

There is the call brotherhood within the police. The issue is that their members can identify each other even among a crowd of people dressed like “normal people”. The purpose of this secret community is to maintain law and order among the population, and help each other in difficult times. They also have their own emblem and rules are secret, only known to the elect.

5. Cover between them

There is a tendency to think that the cops cover for each other when they commit minor violations of the law or abuse their authority. And this opinion is partly true. The reputation of the agents is always under the watchful gaze of an entire country and even the world. After all, a police officer turns out to be an example of honor and sense of justice for citizens. But it happens that each one has its own truth, and the accusations are not founded to one of these representatives of law and order may cost them their reputation to all the others.

6. Why I love donuts?

The donuts are just an excuse. It is the coffee. The duty of a police officer usually lasts 12 hours or even more. How and where you can buy coffee, or relax at three in the morning, after work? In a donut shop. This is the only place that stays open 24 hours a day.

7. Cunning during the interrogation

The police are faced liars more days that exist between the criminals, only they can be held accountable for a misdeed by resorting to their own methods. That is where the police used all his cunning. Convince the offender that they already have sufficient evidence against them. And it works.

8. Different sirens for different situations

Do you all heard the sound of a siren of police? This may change, but the police almost always used the same. This is due to the fact that you all know how it sounds and so it is easy to recognize. However, there are instances in which used other modes for different situations.

9. First kill it, then check

In the US there is the term “swatting”, which means fake notice at the service of rescue 911. The special forces come to the possible scene of the crime, fly to the doors and, without further research, are precipitated in the inside of the building. The police of the USA operates according to the principle of “first we work, then we check”. Unfortunately, some of these cases are too hard and more to be jokes on the phone. Thus, a person who felt offended by his partner of computer video game gave a fake notice about your home and, as a result, he died an innocent person at the hands of the police.

10. Put your hand on the trunk

The police, in this way, accelerates the progress of a case related to this vehicle. If it happens that the driver of this car became a participant of a crime or accident, the traces left by the agent of the law, on the trunk or the lighthouse, is considered to be a evidence of weight. In addition, we identify this vehicle will be much easier. Another reason for touching with a finger or with the hand the boot is to check if inside is any person.

11. Self-defense, the first thing

Work of police can be one of the most hazardous occupation, the probability of returning home after a shift change is significantly lower than that of the ordinary people. That is why, in the police american shoots in self-defense against any threat or danger apparent. And the level of threat determined by the agent itself.

12. The nice talks are misleading

A pleasant conversation with a police officer can turn against you or in your friends. Stopping the car, the representative of law and order tries to find out the greatest amount of information about you: “where are you From”, “What were doing there?”. The questions harmless, to the naked eye, can induce a provocation. These questions end up being suggestive. Thus, the agent access to information about possible incidents where you were. For example, you come from a party (or going to it), where, surely, there will be people drunken that you can use your car in that state, and the police, that way, find out where is the place in which you will be able to find something. Always be careful when dealing with a police officer.

13. The accusation is inevitable

Do you all know the principle of “presumption of innocence”? In some countries, this concept shines by its absence. And the police are convinced of your guilt until proven otherwise. Therefore, always stay alert when you deal with the police in foreign countries: maybe because you are guilty.

14. “You have the right to remain silent” or when required by a police officer to read you your rights?

The movies have taught us that an agent must be reading us our rights just at the moment in which occurs the arrest. It is a myth. In fact, you are required to read your rights and duties, in respect of an interrogation; otherwise, it is sufficient for a warrant.

15. Cynicism is a quality that is acquired

Some people believe that police officers are cruel, little human, do not know how to empathize and feel the pain of other people. Certainly, the service requires them to be impartial, and, at times, even cynical. See violence, murders, the pain in the family of the deceased and, however, need to keep on working after going through all of that.

What is the point of this whole list surprised you most?

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