15 Tricks great you become a guru of the messaging

Today texteamos more words that we speak, because our conversations mainly flow in the im. Great.guru brought all the important functions that your online conversations are the most comfortable.


1. Without fear of deleted messages

Now you don’t have to worry if your confession of tenderness towards your beloved came to your head. Only deletes the message in the conversation. However, there are certain nuances:

  • A message can only be deleted in a course of 7 minutes.
  • The message will be deleted always and when it updated the application to the latest version (2.17 and better).

To delete a message, click on it and select “Delete”. After that, they will be available the options to “Delete for me” or “Delete to all”.

2. Hide your photo of strangers

Simply set up your account and your profile picture will be available only to people nearby. This can be done in the following way: “Settings” — “Account” — “Privacy” — “profile Photo”.

3. Mark your most important messages

Many messages contain important information, for example, an address that you need, the name of a good doctor or the address of an amazing bar that you recommended your friends. You can mark them: touch and hold the message you want to save and click on the star of the menu. After them, look them quickly in the section “featured Posts”.

4. Sends messages to all quickly

If you need to notify a large group of friends about an upcoming party, then the best way is the “diffusion”. You don’t have to worry about creating group chats. Just go to “Settings” — “New broadcast”.

5. Determines your activity

Today, the friendship is not measured by years or joint meetings. Today it is measured in kilobytes. Organizes a competition between friends and see who of you is the most active user. Go to “Settings” — “storage and Data” — “data Usage” and enjoy the statistics.

6. Format text with two characters

To mark an important text, used in the standard format as in Microsoft Word. For text in bold, put an asterisk at the beginning and at the end of the phrase. For italics, just put an underscore before and after the prayer. To write strikethrough, use the tildes in the same way.


1. Instantly switches between your conversations

During an active communication arise in many chat rooms and it is sometimes important to change quickly between them. In order not to lose time to return to the main menu, just swipe to the left and you will see all active chats. With a double click, you will move between them.

2. Eliminates pop-up windows on the screen

One of the most irritating in Viber is, when there’s a great amount of pop-up windows when you receive new messages. This will automatically activate the backlight of the screen. In the first place, it is a extra consumption of battery and in the second place, anyone can read the message if you leave your phone on the table. Go to “Settings” — “Notifications” and uncheck the option of “pop-up Window for new message” and “illuminated Display for messages.”

3. Hide your secrets

We all have secrets. And the main question is: how do you hide them properly? Viber has a great feature: chats hidden. These allow you to set a PIN code in separate discussions. To do so, open the desired chat, go to “chat Information”, select “Hide this chat” and then set up your PIN code.

4. Read the messages without informing your partner

When you do not want to show that you’ve been online and you’ve read a message, simply activate the “airplane Mode”, go to Viber and reads the messages you need. Then turn off the “airplane Mode”. The interlocutor will not see the icon that you have read their message.


1. Formats the text almost as in Microsoft Word

By default, the messages in Skype are written in a font size of eight, which generates incomodiad to read if you have a bad view. But power users know that the size of the text of the messages can be changed in the following way: “Tools” — “Settings” — “Chat and SMS” — “Appearance of the chat” — “Change source”.

2. Use a new line

The messages in Skype are sent after you press Enter. When you need to start a new line, for example, when you type an address, it automatically moves to the beginning of the next message. To jump to another line in the current message, instead of sending a message when pressing Enter, use the combination Shift + Enter.

3. Hide the pen in motion

When you write with someone in the chat, the questioner sees an icon of a pencil in movement that indicates that you have begun to write a new message. Not always this feature is useful, especially when you don’t know what to say, and you edit the message ten times. Go to “Tools” — “Options” — “Chat and SMS” — “chat Setting” — “Show advanced options” and uncheck the option “Show what I’m writing”.

4. Disable the animated emoticons

Sometimes annoy and distract, especially during an important conversation. Go to “Tools” — “Options” — “Chat and SMS” — “Appearance of the chat”. There you can choose to show emoticons animated and large, and if you uncheck the option, then the emoticons become emoticons normal without any movement.

5. Enable display of the split window

If you communicate with several people at the same time, but you don’t feel comfortable to switch between the windows, you can open several: simply go to the menu “View” — “compact View”. To return to the standard view of Skype, go to the menu “View” — “Display the split window”.

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