15 Tricks to appear more high and slender, without the use of high heels

Many are the times that we choose to garments without knowing whether we favour it or not. May our goal be to see us higher, and yet our look makes us all seem otherwise what you Want to achieve a few more inches of height, but you’re tired of heels? Keep reading because this is your article.

Great.guru has compiled tips for you to learn to choose and combine your clothes in order to look visually higher.

1. Vertical stripes

Garments that have vertical stripes give a visual effect of continuity that manages to elongate our silhouette. Remember not to choose a print of horizontal lines because you’ll get the opposite effect.

2. Teaches the ankles

Bring the ankles in the air will make your legs look longer visually. If your pants are longer, opt for shoes with which you can teach your instep, and it is that the more open the shoe, the more you will reduce your height.

3. Mono a single color

Use a mono in a single color or a two-piece suit of the same shade will make your figure stretch out, because visually there will be no cut in the look. It is best to choose a dark color in order to achieve a better sense of continuity in the dress.

4. Use garments that are not to the height of your waist

To get a few inches more, it is best to wear clothing below the waist. In addition, playing with the asymmetries will also help you to look taller.

5. Pants high waisted

Bring a pair of trousers whose waist falls above the waist will make your legs appear longer and more stylized. If the garment is tight fitting, you’ll achieve a better effect, because the more volume you carry the more squat you’ll look like.

6. Used garments with prints, small

The garments that bear patterned small, a good visual trick that elongates our figure.

7. Mid cut mane

A hair cut style bob or medium hair will make you look taller if you wear it too long, as the longer your hair, the smaller stature aparentarás.

8. Pants hood

The visual effect of the flared shape of this type of pants causes our legs seem much longer, as I don’t see the end of these.

9. Peínate with a bow

In addition, the hair tied up will make you seem more high, bun high, you will add the inches of height that you want to achieve.

10. Maxivestidos and maxifaldas

Long skirts and waisted high can make you look more high. It is best to use a thin belt to mark your waist with the maxivestidos, so that these do not get lost in your silhouette and your legs appear longer.

11. Necklines in V

Your body will be more long if you dress in garments neckline in “v”. This opening visually extend your neck, giving the impression of greater height.

12. Don’t choose garments that provoke an effect of horizontal cut

You should try not to choose garments and add-ons that cause cuts in your figure. This is why it is recommended that you do not use: belts, very wide clothes, horizontal stripes, a necklace big, with a handkerchief tied to the neck, among others, as they visually shorten your height.

13. Test with necklaces long

Wearing necklaces long you will get to style your figure, because these add-ons will extend visually the area of the trunk.

14. Used big bags

If you choose this add-on in a large model, you’ll distract on your height and to break with the symmetry of the look.

15. Choose a skirt that you can show off your legs

If you choose a skirt whose length is at the knee, shorten your figure. However, if you go for garments short, when you see more leg, you’ll gain stature visually.

What they seemed to you like these tricks? Do you know others that are not on the list? Share them with us in the comments section.

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