15 Tricks a little crazy for the hair that we learned from the bloggers of beauty

Every woman knows that hair is something that should always be in order. Curls of opaque or looks unhealthy, a sloppy hairdo and roots greasy not cause, precisely the best impression to others. To avoid those awkward moments and always look attractive, you can resort to a few little tricks.

Great.guru has selected for you a number of tips that will make the care of your hair easier and more enjoyable.

1. You can make your hair look slightly wavy with the aid of a simple sieve of kitchen

In this case, the sieve acts as a diffuser and helps you to achieve an elegant hairstyle. You can find more information on this method of drying by clicking here.

2. To “tame” the hair energized, you can rely on the wipes for computer screens

The wipes for computers are impregnated with a product anti-static to help prevent dust from accumulating on the monitor. Also, make your hair look less fluffy. You can view more details on this here.

3. If your hair gets dirty quickly, use a antiseptic

Expands in your palms a little of the product disinfectant for hands and apply it to the roots of your hair masajeándolas with the tips of your fingers. The antiseptic contains alcohol, which will help your hair acquire more freshness. Do not rely on this method too often and so it shalt thou mar the corners of the roots. You can get more information on this trick here.

4. To avoid that the short hair out of the hairstyle you use a deodorant stick

To achieve this, it passes slightly to the deodorant by the hair. You can see it here. This secret will also be useful for those that make a hairstyle.

5. You can curl your hair with the help of a spoon with a round handle

For this purpose, it heats the handle of the spoon with a hair dryer and rolled over him a lock of your hair. Re-apply the hot air of the dryer. Your ringlets are ready! You can see the process here.

6. The shaving foam will help to clean up the brush for the hair

Apply a thick layer of foam on the surface of the hair brush and leave it act for 15 minutes, then rinse with water. Learn more about this trick going for here.

7. If your hair brush has been accumulated hair and dirt will help the shampoo and a toothbrush

Pour a little shampoo on a toothbrush, moisten the hair with water. You can easily eliminate the impurities by the movement of the hairstyle. All of this, you can see it here.

8. Stores the dryer and the hair straighteners in one place using a plastic tube

Purchase a plastic tube to double in the section of plumbing. Stretch an old sock over each of the holes. This way you will be ready your comfortable container vertical storage. All the details, here.

9. If your hair is very dirty by wearing a hat, you can check inside a little bit of dry shampoo

For that it is not left in hair any residue of the product, when you remove the cap it is necessary to comb her hair. You can learn a little more about this here.

10. For that the forks are not lost in your bag, you can use a magnet or a magnetic tape

Joins a piece of magnetic tape to the lining of your bag, or put a small magnet in an inner pocket. Now you’re sure that the forks will always be in its place. You can see it in a video here.

11. For a better fixation of the hairstyle used forks spirals

At home, you can make forks spirals from the day-to-day. Desdóblalas, and roll up in a pen, and remove the spiral already completed. To know how to make them, here you have a detailed explanation and to make a hairstyle with them, passes by here.

12. The hand cream can help with the problem of split ends

Use a hand cream as usual and with the leftover, slightly, pass it through the hair. In this way, the tips will get a extra nutrition and enrederán less. You can find more information on this trick here.

13. Develops a case for the curling iron from a grabber

Fold the handle (or glove) in half and sew together the sides lateral and bottom. Turn the handle upside down, and in this case the cables do not enredarán or as upset as they did before. The detailed instructions can be found here.

14. The irons for the hair will help you to increase the effect of the hair mask

Wrapped with two layers of aluminum foil to each side of the irons for the hair. Extends the mask on clean hair damp, and then pass the hot iron through the strands. The high temperature will help the active substances of the mask to be absorbed better. Read more about this here.

15. The support for the hair dryer made in-house will allow you to do several things at once

Paste a pretty paper to a pot of chips so that the bracket looks nice. With the help of a glue gun sticks two suction cups on one side. Fixed the bracket of the mirror in the bathroom, or wherever you are most comfortable. The entire process of creating this support you can learn going through here.

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