15+ Times that the shops had a sense of humor, high-level

In Great.guru, we are always willing to laugh at ourselves a little bit, especially after learning that it really can prolong your life!

The true feelings towards Starbucks

Australians to be honest

“Vomiting of bee”

Who would have thought that the ice cream was so scary?

“Please do not hit the glass, the ice cream scares you”.

The charge of the tags is left to get too far

“Wafer / Sugar / Waffle / Pine”

It is assumed that art imitates life, right?

This is an offer great!

“Today’s special
Order 2 pizzas of any ingredient and pay for two”.

The surveillance cat is watching you

“Video surveillance in the store.”

Finally we can buy it!

Air guitar, £12,95
Includes guitar stand free

This cobbler is intense

“Shoe repair:

I will put you heels
I will save your soles
Even stain it for you”

This cafe has 2 sizes of cups for coffee: the “biggie” and “smalls”

An appropriate signal to announce a repair

“Do not panic,
We will come back”

An honest critique in a bookstore

“I don’t remember the title, but it is blue”.

Already tired

“You can’t explain it, but I can’t understand it for you”.

So much art in this small thing!

Good advice for shopping and for the life

“Don’t smoke. Do not allow entry to dogs.
Definitely not allowed dogs in smoking rooms.

Surveillance cameras
Always be steady as if your mom were here”

The shop comics is really threatening

“Children unsupervised are ensenará to play “Magic, the gathering”.

This place really knows its customers

“A yawn is a silent scream for coffee”.

We feel that The godfather would have had a similar announcement

“Take the children
Hang on to the family
Enmárcalos to all”.

A critical point of view on parenting

“The children are our future; not your children, others who are better”.

“I noticed this bottle at a local café. I asked the owner about it. He said, ’the sanitary inspector, and asked: ’What is this bottle?’, and I said: ’Nothing, empty’, to which he replied: ’Everything should be labeled’, so what etiqueté”


Right in the centre, it explains everything!

“I’m a fan of the skateboards!”

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