16 Clichés of the writers and directors that we tired at the passing of a film or series to another

A movie can be based on an original idea, but to create a more dramatic effect, the majority of the directors continue to making use of all these clichés that we are so familiar.

That’s why, Great.guru decided to share with you the blow by blow of the main movies and series.

1. Calm before the storm

If in a drama series reaches a time in which everyone is happy, the lovers are together after a myriad of discussions and hurdles, the family members are kept together at all and this is not the final episode, it means that one of the characters soon become sick, you’ll end up in jail or even die. Especially, this can be seen very well in the series “Downton Abbey”.

2. There will not be another opportunity

If you’re a bad guy (member of a mafia, a witch, evil and things like that) and you’ve gotten firmly behind the leg, do not tell your boss: “it won’t happen again!” And if what you have said and he answered, “what I know”, you doing zig zags, although it is very unlikely that this will help you: your death is guaranteed.

3. “But, tell everything!”

In the drama series, the 80 percent of the problems could have been avoided or drastically reduced if the characters had been more honest with each other.

It seems that all the world has already understood that the main thing is to work in a team, the strength is in the union, but it is not. As soon as a new threat, the protagonist be silent as a guerrilla, hiding it all until the last instance possible, wanting to protect your loved ones from suffering an “unnecessary concern” until the problem reaches cosmic proportions.

4. Saved at the last second

Even if it seems to disarm a bomb or deactivate a program of self-destruction there are still another 10 minutes, it can only be put an end to the carnage when you have just a few seconds.

A villain suddenly risen that seemed to have exploded before, a fight between the characters, a door that suddenly opens. You will not be able to turn off the counter the death, in an environment calm and quiet. Never.

5. Back to life at the last moment

A twin brother of the preceding paragraph. The character was drowned, was hit with an electric shock, strangled, poisoned or something by the style. Your partner or loved one perform artificial respiration and a cardiac massage indirect, injected the medication, if you have a special team tries to bring it back to life with a current discharge, but without success. There is No response.

Only when their loved ones begin to cry, lower the head and close their eyes, the victim emitted a deep sigh, and, usually, immediately after regains consciousness and can talk. And without sequelae!

6. Topos “dead”

If at the beginning of the film shows the death of a partner or member of the team working on the agency, it is highly likely that later on, we discover that, not only is alive, but that above is the leader of the bad guys or works for them with blind faith.

7. Persecutions highly dangerous without victims

During a pursuit in car, the vehicles often pass through the open markets, demolished trays of fruit and other goods, while the pedestrian “agile”, usually they jump in with great reflexes to avoid being hit by a car in an impromptu way in which there is the maximum speed, jumps and stunts.

But, the villains for this type of persecution do not profess so much good luck: your way is always blocked by a large truck and long or a train that was passing by there, right at that precise moment.

8. An extra life

How many times has happened: the last battle with the main villain of the film, the protagonist ends up covered in blood and barely breathing. In addition, the villain not only comes to kill simply their enemy, but that he rejoices by throwing it across the room propinándole beatings, or torture with long stories that narrates in detail what he will do when his victim finally dies.

At the last moment, the protagonist perceives a glance full of appeal and horror of his loved one or his or her child, recalls the advice of his “master”. ¡Zasca! Stands up and as if nothing had happened to fight as a beast reborn. Forget the injuries, fractures and blows received, the gunshot wounds, and is not affected by having lost so much blood.

9. A police marred by bad luck

If the protagonist of the film is a police officer, often have bad luck in life. It is usually a “lone wolf”, usually to be divorced because they spent too much time on their work.

The second reason of the bad luck that haunts these are their bad bosses. Are, or stupid and constantly interfere in the investigation, or accomplices who work to pay for the more villain.

10. A call mortal

If a minor character in the history of the police calls the protagonist and he promises to tell you something important, so important that you can not tell by phone, then you are already, as you can tell goodbye to this character, will not be alive when it reaches the protagonist.

11. The bomb that does not explode to your recipient

In many films, placed a bomb in the car of the protagonist, but rarely comes to fruition the plan: usually explotarle to anyone (the hijacker of the vehicle, the co-worker or a family member), to anyone except the original recipient.

12. A fight contagious

If one of the characters starts a fight in a bar, it won’t be nor a minute when all of the clients of the establishment to join her, as if they had gone there with a desire to stretch the cuffs and not to rest enjoying a good jug of beer.

A version less bloodthirsty is the general euphoria contagious of throwing away food: as they begin to two, all the other diners added to the contest.

13. A simple way to bypass the guards

Almost any object protected can be reached through the ventilation system. In addition, the pipes themselves are so wide as to a man of large proportions can scroll through them.

Neither the guards, nor the workers in the building, no one perceives or hears movement in any metal structures (echo). Is more, the grilles bolted from the outside into the ventilation holes in the movies do not exist.

14. A drunk good-natured

A character positive is often alcoholic, especially in action movies. This habit is pernicious is designed to stir up sympathy for the main character. In addition, fighting for a just cause, often the protagonist ends up leaving such a strong addiction.

Of course, no drink for drink, I had serious reasons, it was because there was no meaning to his life, failed love, or was the victim in silence of the bitterness which involves the loss of a loved one.

15. Opposite poles that attract each other

A clerk pedantic, boring and a avid party animal, a specialist with cold blood and a failure charming: if the two met in the movie, or better, if you are forced to spend a lot of time together, it is more than likely that at the end of the plot whether they are the best friends in the world.

If these opposites are of different sex, there is a high probability that at the end of the movie they become a couple. What we will do, this is an unwritten law of the cinema!

16. We are in the kitchen of the restaurant

The plot of action movies often leads the main characters to luxury hotels, which feature restaurants no less luxurious. As a result, at the start of a chase, the characters found in the kitchen of the restaurant, pulling everything in its path.

At the same time, the cooks, obviously accustomed to the constant flow of armed people running through the kitchen or fighting with each other, usually do not even try to escape or hide from the shooting of heroes with their antagonists. So is the cinema in its finest!

Do you also you you saw it coming? Share with us in the comments other cliches such as these or what movies or series have you been surprised by it to have been broken unexpectedly.

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