16 amazing Things of the past that left us surprised

Things that in previous eras were common today to surprise us. In the history of mankind abounds with inventions funny and weird, sometimes too amazing.

Great.guru proposes you to see 10 amazing things of the everyday life of the past.

1. Tripod for photography post mortem

This is nothing more than a tripod to take photographs at post-mortem. In the victorian era, to be photographed with a deceased relative was a phenomenon quite common.

2. Mower, 1957

In reality, this incredible invention is a mower of the year 1957. Cabin has a plastic of a diameter of approximately 1.5 meters, a radio telephone and even air conditioning. The operation also surprising: this invention can cut the grass, pick up the snow and used as a golf cart.

3. Shoes stood, was the dream of every catrín european of the FOURTEENTH century

If the villains were allowed to put on socks with a length of half a foot, to the barons allowed them to use two feet and to the counts, of three. For that the socks are not loose, usually bound with a risete the belt.

4. Flying car, 1940

This device, which looks like a hybrid of a tractor and helicótero in reality it is a flying car. Its author is Jess Dixon, the inside of the cabin of this machine in the photo, taken in 1940.

5. Chatelaine, analogous to the bag lady of a century ago and a half

This useful accessory normally carried in the waist. On it you could hang different things, such as keys, mirror, wallet or watch.

6. Catch dogs

This rare invention was developed in 1940. This thing served as a replacement for the strap, and surely scary to the animal lovers.

7. Shoes chinese for “lotus feet”

From the tenth century in China they used to bind women’s feet from childhood. As a result, they formed “the lotus feet” with a length of only 10 centimeters.

8. Briefcases to kill vampires

Another thing popular in the NINETEENTH century. The contents of this briefcase had to help their owners in the fight against the vampires. Everything is based on the best traditions: a stake of wood, essence of garlic and flasks of holy water.

9. Anti-air weapon

This is not a large orchestra, but an anti-air weapon with a few locators mobile of great size. Before the creation of the radar, this technological wonder japanese was used to recognize the enemy planes by the sound.

10. The tombs caged

So were the tombs cages of the victorian era. There is a version saying that they placed strong bars over the grave so that the deceased does not revive and come out. However, the hypothesis most truthful says that the relatives protected the dead hijackers who stole the body for research anatomical.

11. Skirt locked

This garment closet female received a fun name because of its effect when you walk. The long skirt and extremely narrow at the part of ankles made women cojearan as they walked. The invention of the fashion house Paquin entered in use between 1910 and 1914. Fortunately, this ridiculous garment that restricts strongly the movements was forgotten quickly.

12. Bike amphibious “Ciclomer”

This invention French of the year 1932 were able to move both by land as by water. So that I could sail, the inventors equipped with the balls flotadoras. However, this invention was not very successful, since they could not reach a lot of velociad and it was very difficult to maneuver. In the water, “Ciclomer” it looked worse than a catamaran, and in the land the left back up to the bike more easily.

13. Invention for correcting the shape of the nose

This object is used to correct the shape of the nose. According to this picture, the people in the 30’s of the TWENTIETH century is not doubted the effectiveness of this alternative to what is currently done with plastic surgery.

14. Gift to the emperor Henry VIII of the Holy Roman Empire

This helmet cam with the horns of the famous polygamist Henry VIII was received as a gift from the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire in 1520. When evaluating the work of the professionals, Henry VIII invited to the armourers German to work in England.

15. Safety deposit box of a monk

This complex mechanism of the photo is a prototype of a safe modern. In this chest, medieval keeper of the treasury of a monastery of the abbey of Melk in Austria.

16. Micrometer of beauty

This device looks like a weapon of torture, but in reality it did damage, it was used in the beauty industry. In the photo, a specialist carries out measurements with the aid of the micrometer of beauty. This tool allow to calculate the exact proportions of the face: altitude: the nose, the forehead, and distance between eyes. This was done for the perfect correction of defects with the help of the cosmetic.

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