16 Photos of the unexpected that will restart your brain

Snow in Africa, tree-boa, pumpkin of a size so large that you could live in it, rainbow horizontal: they are all things that have had the luck to see and capture on camera the users fortunate of the network. And, of course, shared their photos with the world: look and be amazed.

Great.guru has put together images that show that the impossible is possible.

And, suddenly, it snowed in south Africa

A sheet was for a long time in a pool and lost its color

When the ability it seems like magic

The canal Griboedova St Petersburg need your likes

“Put ’I like’, subscribe to the channel”.

The reflection in the water that had gathered on the trampoline made him invisible

The grandfather planted a pumpkin…

An oak and a palm tree grew up together

The purple potatoes have a flavor equal to the common, but it is as if they have the whole Universe inside

Leaf of catalpa

When the winter comes suddenly

The halo effect in Brazil

This tree just struck by lightning

A little more, and this cactus will take over the world

How do you see this building close by the inside?

The rings of the trees before and after the Chernobyl accident

In 1916, in Germany you are allowed to take the passport photo with your dog

What picture were you surprised the most?

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