16 Facts about the famous that are not easy to believe

The whole world has the life of the stars in the mira. The fans more faithful know the biography of their idols down to the tiniest detail. But there are facts in the life of the famous that they would like to hide or, on the contrary, to tell to all the world about them.

Great.guru has compiled some interesting facts, after which you’ll the life of stars from a new perspective.

Christopher Walken was a lion tamer

The Hollywood stars worked at many things before being famous. But Christopher Walken was one of the professions most unusual. At the age of 16, in the summer, he worked as a lion tamer in a circus. Also danced in a club, and participated in a video Madonna.

A song for Scarlett Johansson

Do you remember that, in 2008, for all parties sounded the song “I Kissed a Girl” by Katy Perry? Well, it turns out to be that the muse of Katy was Scarlett Johansson. The singer admits that he saw Scarlett on the cover of a magazine and was inspired by the sweet smile of the actress.

Musician Christopher Lee

Saruman Christopher Lee was a good musician. He played heavy metal. Christopher has worked with the band Manowar, and at age 88, he recorded his first solo album of heavy metal that received an award from the music magazine Metal Hammer.

Kate Middleton and Prince William

The royal wedding attracts special attention. Especially when, before the eyes of all the world, the fairy tale of Cinderella becomes a reality. The wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton was no exception. The marriage is in the Guinness Book of world Records, as was seen by the most amount of people at the same time, 2 billion!

Oprah “Orpah” Winfrey

In fact, the famous tv presenter was named Orpah Gale Winfrey. Orpah is the name of a biblical character. It’s called Oprah because her name was recorded incorrectly.

Benedict Cumberbatch was kidnapped in south Africa

In 2005, Benedict and his two friends were abducted in south Africa. Six armed criminals approached his car, tied her to the young, and carried. But soon, the robbers threw hostages from the car. On the way, we were picked up by a stranger. “I looked to the person that picked us up and wept out of gratitude. This incident changed a lot of the values and priorities of my life.”

Steve Buscemi helped after the terrorist attack of September 11,

In the 80’s, Hollywood actor Steve Buscemi worked as a firefighter in New York. After the tragedy of September 11, Buscemi returned to his previous job. Together with other rescuers, for 12 hours, removed the rubble of the World Trade Center in search of survivors. In 2012, Buscemi worked in the area affected by hurricane Sandy. For a long time, he concealed his participation in these acts and denied his assistance in several interviews.

A postcard to Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr. has crowds of admirers in all over the world. And China is no exception. Fans chinese gave him a card to “Iron Man”. But it was not a simple card. It was signed by 5339 people! Yeah that is a love national.

Dwayne Johnson has a world record of selfie

At the premiere of the movie Earthquake: the San andreas fault in London, “The rock,” set a record: he made 105 selfies in 3 minutes, taking pictures with his fans. By the way, Dwayne broke his own previous record: 75 photos at the same time. The authorities of the Guinness Book of Records noted that the images are clear and that the faces can be recognized. The actor admits that she loves the selfies.

Shakira is the queen of Facebook

If Dwayne Johnson is lord of the selfies, then Shakira can be called the queen of Facebook. She has a record very particular. She was the first person to collect 100 million “likes” on a social network! Awesome, right?

The sports career of Jason Statham

Before conquering Hollywood, Jason Statham was working as a street vendor, model, and actor in a street theatre. But the real passion of Jason were jumping on the trampoline. For 12 years he was a member of the national team, british hammered and participated in competitions.

Sarah Jessica Parker is a descendant of the witches of Salem

A relative is very distant from Sarah Jessica Parker was Esther Elwell, the last witch of Salem accused of witchcraft. But Esther was not affected because, for the time of his trial, the persecution of witches had ceased, and the woman was released.

Wrong actor Gary Oldman

Gary Oldman, “the best british actor young of our time”, could not enter the Royal Academy of Theatre Arts. There are advised to find a more appropriate profession, not associated with the action. That is what it means to get to your goal no matter what.

Walt Disney and “Oscar”

Walt Disney was nominated for an Oscar 59 times. This is an absolute record among the nominations. The amount of statues that won is also a record, were 26.

The ties of relationship of Affleck and Damon

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are an example of friendship of men. They met in elementary school and have been friends for over 30 years. Apart. the actors are distant relatives. Their common ancestor, William Knowlton, came to the US in the SEVENTEENTH century. Then, Ben and Matt are cousins in the tenth generation.

The non-Brad Pitt

The advertising of cars of Toyota with Brad Pitt was banned in Malaysia. And all because the actor turned out to be very beautiful and many locals might feel inferior.

What made you surprised most? I share it, we are very interested in!

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