16 Hotels that were the meaning of the word “service” to a new level

Those people who often stay in hotels, surely, know from memory all of the services that are offered. However, there are in the world that can still surprise your guests: from put a rubber ducky in the bathroom, to rent a fish for a night, among other things.

Great.guru selected just for you 16 hotels that are so fascinating and unusual that your guests did not let the opportunity pass to share what you saw there with the whole world.

1. ¡Jaque, mate, five-star hotels!

2. The reminder of this hotel is worthy of an award, great

3. Have you ever seen a lamp that only turns on “half” so as not to hinder your neighbor’s room?

4. In this hotel brazilian the remote control has a button that turns on a channel where they spend only football

5. The tv in this hotel has a convenient adapter HDMI and USB. Yes, you no longer have to search for them blindly in the back of the device

6. Imagine this: you go under the bed and there you waiting for this note

7. New guest, new control. A policy is interesting to the joy of the misófobos

8. And what do you think of this towel, especially to remove makeup?

9. In this hotel, a robot takes the toilet paper to the bathroom

10. Someone found in his room a “Stargate”. How much will it cost the service of teleportation now?

11. In this hotel there is no need to enter the shower to turn on and regulate the water

12. The button of the elevator of this hotel allows you to bring it to half way

13. Pull the cord and the light will go off; jálalo again and turn on. It’s practical!

14. In a hotel in Zurich, along with shampoo and soap, guests are offered a rubber ducky

15. And this hotel offers a smartphone for free to its guests during their stay there. And yes, you can take it to where you go

16. In one hotel belgian, everyone who feels sad and needs a little company can rent a fish tank with a fish for a night. Is it not tender?

What kind of hotels you’ve stayed up to now? Have you ever seen something that you been pleasantly surprised? Please share your stories in the comments!

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