16 Particularities of the children that amaze even their parents

Life with children is full of large and small surprises. The parents do not tire of celebrating the triumphs of their children: the first steps, the good appetite or excellent grades in school. However, children have superpowers secrets, that adults do not even suspect. Well, who would have thought that a small 3-year-old could surpass the volume of his crying to an opera singer?

In Great.guru we know something about kids that their parents do not even suspect. We are confident that you will be amazed.

  • To see how much you will grow your child, you do not need to be clairvoyant. It is sufficient to multiply the height of the baby of 2 years for 2. The resulting number is the height approximately of the child in the future. As a general rule, at the age of 24 months, the height of the baby reaches 85-88 cm, however, it must be remembered that many factors affect the growth of a child, from genetics to nutrition and sports. It is also believed that the younger children exceed in height the older.
  • When children have a cold or are suffering from viral diseases, their growth process is temporarily suspended. Maybe the stop is due to the fact that the body focuses all its energies on fighting the infection.
  • What is more likely is that your child will not remember the events of his own life until 3 years of age. This phenomenon is called childhood amnesia. Scientists have discovered that between 5 and 7 years of age, children remember about half of the events that happened to them in their early years, and that at the age of 9 years already forget it. This happens due to the underdevelopment of the brain structures that are responsible for the long-term memories.
  • Contrary to outdated beliefs, the ear of the children is very acute. Children, unlike adults, are able to perceive even the sounds at high frequencies. Maybe the child simply pretends not to hear you. But with age due to the noise pollution, the ear is weakened. However, there is another point of view: children do not pretend, just your brain still can’t select what you need from the mass of sounds. It is another good reason to stop yelling at the children.
  • The studies of the University of Sheffield have demonstrated that the clowns that should give comfort to children in hospitals, by contrast, startled. Even patients 16 years of age admitted to having this fear. Psychologists are sure that the horror movies modern, where the clowns are the embodiment of absolute evil, are guilty of this fear.
  • Before your child gets used to using the potty, it will ruin a whole mountain of diapers. When the child is 2.5 years, you’ll change the baby’s diaper 6 to 10 thousand times. Perhaps the parents really deserve a medal of valor.
  • All babies are born without kneecaps. Only because you still don’t need them. This bone is replaced by cartilage, and it develops only at the age of 6 months. That is why children begin to crawl on their bellies, and later put on four legs. It is important not to strain the child to crawl or walk before time, as their bones and muscles may still be without form.
  • The crying of babies is very strong. But, did you know that a child of 3 years old can scream louder than a singer of opera? The squeal of the kids has a range of 2 000 Hz, and the range of soprano coloratura is of 1 400 Hz.
  • Neuroscientists believe that small children do not have dreams. This skill develops with the spatial imagination and abstract thinking. Children begin to see dreams with a plot and characters only between 7 and 8 years of age, and before that, the dreams are fragments of memories and blurred images.
  • For a harmonious development, children not only need their parents. Grandparents, aunts, and uncles also play the very important role in education. The anthropologist Sarah Hrdy believes that the close relatives help the baby to broaden the vision of the world and show a wide range of human emotions, so that children who are in contact with a large number of relatives and develop more quickly than their peers.
  • Children born in may are true champions: weigh 200 grams more than babies born in another time. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the mother’s pregnancy takes place in winter: because of this his mobility is limited and the diet becomes more nutritious.
  • In spite of the care twenty-four hours of the day and the watches of the night, the babies are going to cry. Scientists believe that at the age of 4-6 weeks the newborns reach the so-called peak of the crying. In fact, all children, no matter how loving your parents, they will scream hysterically. This is a natural process: the child’s brain develops, the baby learns what it means to feel hunger or discomfort.
  • Scientists claim that a baby of 6 months knows what is good and what is bad. Tests have shown that at this age the baby already can evaluate an act from the moral point of view. This surprising discovery suggests that people can come into this world with a certain “moral code”.
  • TV programs and DVDS are useless for development, because in the education of children is fundamental to the interaction social. In a few words, to learn the child needs a response from the parents. If you really want to help your child to grow up faster, just play with him.
  • Watch television during painful procedures (such as drawing blood for analysis, for example) can be a real pain reliever. The scientists italians who carried out the experiment argue that the television distracts from such procedures more efficiently than mom.
  • The children middle tend to be independent from childhood, what makes them successful in adulthood. You should know that more than half of the presidents of the united States were children of middle-in their families.

Do your children have some peculiarities which you take pride?

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