16 People that will find a good start to any situation that challenges the life

“If that time would have done that or he would have said that…”. This is a phrase that many are repeated often. But readers of “Overhear” and “room no. 6” have shown that they know how to always find a good way out of any situation, however difficult that may be. And their stories demonstrate this.

Great.guru has compiled some of them, that reveal how we are all capable of overcoming any obstacle and turn it to our favor.

  • My work of end of course ate my dog. Literally. A huge St. Bernard called Hulk devoured my hours and hours of study and dedication. And my teacher did not believe me until I took my dog to his house, where he devoured 4 receipts of light and of the neighboring community while maintaining a conversation. Since then, I have not had any problems with this subject; I have gained a new friend in the shape of a history professor, began periodically to see us on walks and give it to the Hulk delectable treats.
  • During the test with a teacher that could be described as at least as severe, my friend was very nervous and could not remember the answer to the test. “I close my eyes and I see the answer written in my notes!”, he said to this. The professor knew that answer: “just Close your eyes and read! I don’t mind!”.
  • Years ago, I lived in apartments rented out and barely reached the end of the month because rent is consuming almost all of my income. Was looking for something more economical, but had commissions and bonds for all parties. As a result, I asked for 2 weeks off from work, I went to work as a trainee in an estate agency and so I found me a good apartment without bail, or commissions and, in addition, with the appropriate owners. Until today, I consider it my great trick of the century.
  • When my cat enters the room and opens the door wide, as it gives me too much laziness to get up to close it, I point with a laser at the door for the cat to jump and the door closing.
  • I went to a mall to buy a pair of jeans. Two hours, 10 shops, a zero result. No, there were a lot of pants jeans: for girls who adore the stones of fantasy, fringed, patches, holes, one thing that they looked more like leggings, with a waist so high that he almost touched the chest. Desperate to find something decent, I already wanted to go home, but by chance I went into a store for men. Oh gods!, why don’t I come here before? 5 minutes, 2 tests, and the jeans are perfect because they were mine! I share this because if one were immersed in the same situation.
  • Long dreamed of having a car, but you could not save for comprármelo. I applied for a loan with the most favorable conditions; however, harbored few hopes that I grant them such rights. Then, I was at work when they called from the bank to get a description of my profile. I’ve described myself as an excellent worker and extremely responsible. So 5 minutes a message came to me giving the green light to the loan!
  • After giving birth to her first child, the whole family required him to the wife of my brother out in search of the second. Especially, his mother, who lived far away and not participating at all in the baby’s life. Then, she began to call in the evening all family members are demanding: “you Have a lot of experience, do you know what to do? Do you know of any song to be able to fall asleep? Has something of a fever… ”. I listened to all the advice, even though he did it all his way. A month later, approximately, all left in peace. For me, it’s a cool tactic!
  • Work as a decorator in weddings and events of that type. My whole team always remains during the ceremony to see first hand the reaction of the guests, if they liked, and all that. Then, it happened a curious case: a beautiful arch with flowers with the sea in the background and, within a couple of metres away, another but with beaded pendants. Everything was going very well, but when the newlyweds began to utter their oaths, a cry wild. It was a gull, which had been tangled between the beads. The boyfriend did not stay still, he ran and freed it quickly saying the following words: “it Is like me: he was tangled in myself, in my problems, but when you appeared in my life, saved me from my slavery, freed me and me regalaste the hope of a better life.”
  • I forbid you to park in the parking area of our office building. “But if I come on the part of Juan Contreras!”, I said to them. And they let me pass without problems. In general, this Juan Contreras comes to me that neither painted. A powerful guy, although 100% fruit of my imagination.
  • My husband gave me for my birthday a leather belt for jeans, an object with which I dreamed since a long time. Only that he had chosen the smallest size. It turns out that he is sure that I am very thin. And I have a size M-L. I could Not confess that the belt I was small. I started to lose weight urgently to achieve abrocharme that gift as desired. Thank you, dear, for the motivation!
  • All we know is that it is difficult to feed young children, and, even more, difficult to agree with them. My tactic of involving children in the preparation process of the meals is very simple: “Children, how I prepared pork chops with baked potatoes or mashed? Do garnish, macaroni or spaghetti? What kind of soup they want, with chicken or just noodles?”. In reality, I do what I intended to do, but the kids are happy that their opinion is taken into account and they feel very happy eating my dishes chosen.
  • I helped my 7 year old daughter to do a summer assignment for school. It was necessary to develop a drawing for a fairy tale, but none of the two know draw very well. Then, I pulled out a carbon paper and transferred the drawing of a photocopy of the sheet of the task. My daughter was delighted, I said that I did not know that it was possible to copy something this way. Technologies almost forgotten back to the rescue.
  • That Christmas, according to Murphy’s Law, with the dirty hair, sweat pants and worn-out and old jacket pocket, I went to buy bread at the store below. In the distance, I saw my ex. When we broke up, I was treated as if it were a fool in front of everyone, so that I couldn’t afford to come and see me as well. Not occurred to me nothing better than telling a young man passing by: “Hey, kiss me quick!”. Startled, taken by surprise, obeyed. This was the most blatant of finding a boyfriend, a situation that we still laugh about him and me.
  • I got tired of getting stop every morning faced with the choice more difficult: what to wear?, what new combination of garments to invent? One weekend I decided to pull out all the clothes, I tried it with all combinations possible and I took pictures of each of them. I printed the pictures and I did the album… Now, when I go somewhere, the first thing I do is to view it as if it were a fashion magazine and so I choose what to wear according to the weather, the event and the place.
  • My mother is great. When my little sister asked for the first time to test the chocolate, and gave him the darkest he could find (with a 90 percent cocoa). My sister, in the next 10 years, not asked for chocolate thinking that they were all bitter, and he couldn’t understand why I devoured without hesitation.
  • I came up with for me the rule “is Not so difficult.” “It is not so difficult to” clean up the bathroom after a shower. “It is not so difficult to” mop the plate and fork after dinner. “It is not so difficult,” when, on reaching the street, immediately, guards the things in the closet, and so on. When I feel too lazy to do something, I always to myself: “it is Not so difficult.” Saves Me a lot of time and energy.

And what stories of this type you have passed to you and how reaccionaste to them? Share them in the comments, it will be very interesting to learn them.

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