16 True kings of the failure to know all about the errors

When something don’t quit, remember that you are not alone. Absolutely everyone, at some time, we have failed. If we do not believe, look at these characters: they also have their own problems and it is unlikely that you want to be in his place.

Great.guru takes pity on the poor fate of these poor people, but not you can not presentártelas. All problems can be solved, you just need to keep spirits up and continue forward.

1. A channel Swedish television mistook the subtitle for political debates with a few for a children’s program. It seems worthwhile to vote for this politician

“I will build the sand castle largest of the universe”.

2. Let me introduce you to Humphrey. He abandoned his studies to be a sheepdog, because I really wanted to be a friend of the sheep.

3. “I put cement on the sidewalk, and a couple of minutes after my daughter fell in there”

4. “I just got back from the vet. My dog hurt his tail because it moved too much”

5. You can escape your father, but not from a helicopter

6. Now you know what happens when you get stuck on an escalator

7. I wonder how much was the cost of the design of this logo

“Fit forever” — “always in good form”,

“Fat forever” — “forever fat”.

8. The cheesecake was a success, but we didn’t try

9. When you don’t even understand what the problem is

10. When you rush to open a new mouse

11. Well, at least you can get some of the benefits of contraceptives

12. Never let bears rubber in the dashboard of the car

13. A history of disappointment in three images

14. “I spent a half day at work until I noticed it. And don’t ask me how it happened”

15. Being left-handed is a curse

16. When your colleague is an idiot

Do you know how to accept failure so simple and positive? Do you or hurts you to make mistakes?

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